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Shows in Guelph, Hammer, TO this weekend?


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all joking aside kung,

how do you know Alistar? Great guy! If you ever get a chance to check out one of his guitars that he has made you really should....that man definately has a gift in that area

heh...i may actually be able to afford one of em'...like in 20 years.

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Oh I forgot to answer your question there jon. All joking aside I imagine I'd like the Meat, they came highly recommended by Danny K but that was in the Alistair era. Miller and I went to elementary together at Whitney, incidentally Darren Shearer was a grade ahead of us (and Euan etc., I don't think Evan Cranley went to whitney though). So Gypsy Soul was our local pride band (in the non-homo rainbow sense of the word pride).

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screw the weekend... lots of stuff coming up. I think Gemma has a show on thursday april 1, at van goghs (fountain street blues project) and slammin' jack is playing that night at the jazz. plus we've got the nero show the next week.

come out tonight. cheap drinks at trivia night the jazz. i've got 12 whistles waiting for me at home, but i think right after class (ending at 10:00) im booking to avrils

lemmie know man, u should come out. TRIVIA NIGHT WITH KUNG

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Pepper Jack's this weekend.

Friday March 26- The Eggmen: Featuring Doug Feaver playing the Beatles all night.

Saturday March 27th Vancouver's- Threat From Outer Space- will be opening for the Fat Cats.

38 King William, Hamilton


freaks welcome!

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HOV really SUCK. They are totally generic white boy reggae/calypso/poo. Really lame vocalist who does his poo poo ba doo reggae shit. Lame 30 something band playing their lame reggae jazz lite shit. The scary thing is some of them have chops and could actually do something half decent if they tried. They are the only long standing band from Guelph (that hasn't made it big I mean) so they have a following (some of which are lovely ladies which is the only plus trust me).

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