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  1. Dave Matthews Band Photos Courtesy of Mark Horton and Ottawa Bluesfest When you combine perfect weather, sunny sky that transitions through the golden hour to a clear starry night, a legendary band that knows how to play to a live audience, and the fact that size of the crowd was enough to prove success, but not Foo Fighter sized crowd that leads to massive lineups and congestion, you end up with the ultimate conditions for an incredible night at Ottawa Bluesfest. With Dave Matthews Band headlining, the attendance was certainly large, but it wasn't difficult to find a decent spot to enjoy the show with little effort. Those that would have arrived hours early, could definitely enjoy the sweet spot in front of the stage, but that takes some serious dedication. Cheers to those that can pull that off! This year's festival offered another iteration of the layout with only 3 stages between which to hop. They are far enough away from each other that sound bleeding is probably not much of an issue this year. The Claridge Homes stage is a tent on the west lawn, sharing the area with many vendors, boasting a carnival atmosphere, including a ferris wheel. The Blacksheep stage is once again on the north side of the Canadian War Museum, with other attractions along the route from the Claridge stage. The City Stage, which hosts the main headliners, is found on the south side of the museum in the main bowl. The layout flows really well, and if you're wearing an activity tracker, you are guaranteed get alot of activity points and steps by exploring all of the stages. The Dave Matthews Band appeared right on time at 8:30 and blasted through two and a half hours of non-stop jamming, aside from a 3 minute break before their 20 minute monster closer. Grabbing a refreshment or taking a nature break part-way through the super set was surprisingly easy. Walking anywhere at a show like this usually offers plenty of opportunities to magically run into old friends in a sea of people, which always adds to the experience. Despite having little knowledge of DMB song names, it was no true shocker to recognize 70% of the material yet hearing covers like Sledgehammer (Peter Gabriel), or Sexy MF (Prince) at the tail end of Jimi Thing was unexpected for someone who pays little attention to the DMB universe. Watching Dave display a crazy amount of energy for the entire show keeps the attention and admiration of talent strong. Dave's lineup of crazy skilled musicians, including some powerful horns also helps develop a powerful awe, like witnessing an event that rarely appears in Ottawa. His last appearance in Ottawa took place in 2002 at the Canadian Tire Centre Corel Centre, yet after the show people swore that they heard Dave announce that was last here 10 years ago. Need a fact check. Having exhausted the time limits of the evening, one would think that there wouldn't be much energy left but damn, it seemed they hit the nitro boost to finish off the encore with Rapunzal. This is one of those arrangements that break the space time continuum that confuse nearly every dancer's feet, shifting time signatures throughout. Dave took to the wings of the stage to make sure everyone felt included. The response was so great, it's a wonder he doesn't do more of that during his show. After this curtain call, the festival lights were cued for a very smooth exit of everyone who made the effort to stick around and enjoy an evening with Dave Matthews. Ottawa Bluesfest did a great job putting this one together, and they were also blessed with one of the best nights of weather all summer, so far. Where you there? Please share more details in the comments.
  2. The small knot of deadheads didn't even bring chairs to this.
  3. It was interesting that Ghost Note packed the shit out of the tent during the 7:30 slot. It's not often one sees so many people in there dancing their arses off at that time.
  4. Cool moment of crowd direction and interaction.
  5. Now I know for sure that Lido Shuffle is not a Billy Joel song. I used to think that it was until one day, I had searched google…but I didn't know what the lyrics were from listening. Lita? Litto? I searched on "whoa whoa whoa" and "one more for the road" and learned it was a Boz Scaggs song called Lido Shuffle. aha! Another thing I learned last night was that Lowdown was his tune. I heard Pleasurecraft cover that many times. very cool song. Cool show during the last 1/2 hour. the first chunk was way too cheesy and sound was weird, like the guitars weren't wired up to the mains. Later, it all came together when they landed into lowdown, lido, etc.
  6. Check out the seedbox banner at the bottom. It's basically a link through my affiliate account. It's a solid service to use with IPT and it's great for ratio and off loading bandwidth, but most importantly obfuscating IP address/privacy. Can also setup a plex media server on it, among other neat server apps. Also comes with a little VPN that has so far worked well for playing SNL and Conan clips on youtube. IPT is pretty solid for shows though. What other private trackers are interesting? Is Passthepopcorn still around? that's a tough one for invites.
  7. Also, could someone PM me and let me know if the acceptance thingy worked ok or not?
  8. This is a head's up regarding the forced acceptance of the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. They have both been updated recently to comply with the GDPR. This site has never shared personal information with any other party in the last 18 years of it's lifecycle. Yet, that was never blatantly obvious. This site respects anonymity and privacy. There are so many privacy rules now that they must be explicitly communicated and upon which agreed. For example, those that have donated funds to help keep this site alive would have used a third party service, PayPal. Therefore, the privacy policy must ensure that members are aware that they are responsible for paying attention to any third party's system, like PayPal's terms and privacy policy as well. If there are any changes to the site that includes collecting any new, optional information, like credit card info or mailing addresses, etc, the policy will be updated and will have to be accepted in order to use the site.
  9. I can't believe that Harvey Weinstein used to post here.
  11. also if you have to hire a lead guitar player in your Prince tribute band, you're not covering him right. Sounds good though and really, can't dramatically expect anyone to pull off all of Prince's skills at once.
  12. This is a Beatles tribute that my friend Paul saw at a fest around San Francisco last year. Don't need to look like the band to be a killer tribute. They have a very good setup of gear to duplicate the sound.
  13. I just don't know one can call their festival a cover band festival without a killer Beatle cover band. I'd go see that. The Blushing Brides have been around for so long. I had no idea they were still playing. I saw them in '89 or '90 in Kingston.
  14. Looks like Steve Earl is back and CityFolk will land on roughly the same september dates as last year.
  15. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/concert-venue-churches-mosques-synagogues-temples-ottawa-1.4653426
  16. totally forgot about sendspace.
  17. This sounds like a great idea to help fill the gap within the Instruments for Africa project. Please look into contributing and help make it a success. We’re excited to announce that our most recent Instruments For Africa donation is currently on its way to Ghana! Right now the ship is somewhere between Morocco and Accra; 2,700lbs of books, accessories, and amazing musical instruments, all donated by people like you. We managed to seperate the equipment into twelve groups, so we’ll be able to supply twelve schools with instruments when we arrive in Ghana next month. The problem is, several months ago the Ministry of Education in Ghana gave us a list of thirteen schools in the country that need our help, and no matter how we tried we couldn’t stretch our instrument collection far enough to equip all thirteen schools. We left it up to them to eliminate one name from the list and the school they selected to not receive instruments from IFA on this trip was the Accra School For The Blind. We’d like very much to include the Accra School For The Blind and we could use your help. Recorders are very popular instruments with kids of all ages everywhere we go in Africa, and our friends at Musicare have agreed to supply us with as many good-quality, brand-name recorders as we want for just $5 each, tax-in. Our flight tickets allow for three more pieces of luggage than we require so we could potentially take hundreds of recorders to Ghana with us without any shipping costs whatsoever. This means you now have the unique opportunity to put an instrument directly into the hands of a handicapped child in Ghana for a mere $5! Aside from being relatively easy to play, very durable and always staying in tune, the best thing about recorders is that unlike a trumpet or a guitar that is shared by many students, every child gets their own recorder to keep. With your $5 donation I will personally be able to hand a recorder to one of these children, one they can take home and keep as their very own. Imagine the difference that could make! How often do you get a chance to make that kind of difference for such a tiny sum? If you donate $10 we can give instruments to two kids. For $100 we could give the gift of music to an entire classroom! But the point is, for the extremely reasonable price of just five dollars you can be directly responsible for giving a ray of musical hope to a child in Ghana. Please go to www.instrumentsforafrica.com and click the donate button right now. Simply write the word “recorder” in the instruction box and we’ll make sure a child at the Accra School For The Blind receives your gift. Finally, we’ve put together a video to promote our Recorder Drive. Please click here to watch it, and be sure to share the video with your friends! Thanks very much for your continued support, Todd Snelgrove www.instrumentsforafrica.com
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