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  1. love it. so wonderful to see people made a visual work out of it. super fantastic!
  2. Neil kind of over-designed that website with long dead skeuomorphism with an early 2000's flair. It should prove as popular as the Pono.
  3. These are wonderful to read each morning. Thank you! It sounds like there isn't really a language barrier in Honk Kong. Am I interpreting that correctly?
  4. I loved their set at ottawa folk fest a few years ago. Do they come to canada often?
  5. Thanks for the Call to Action. You certainly bring this reality to context in that tumbleweeds will start rolling by without BradM's contributions. As quiet as things have been, BradM always kept the pulse alive. I treasure the recorded history here and is incredibly wonderful to be able to revisit and reminisce through old threads. My suggestion when talking to people is that when the urge strikes to post on facebook or twitter, remember this place and the anonymity that comes with it.
  6. Great work on the embedding bruh! Plan a trip to Ottawa and be sure to keep us posted, shamelessly.
  7. This avatar is legendary and needs to be retired. One of the greatest things about this forum is that I met BradM through this forum . His history here, dates all the way back to 8/28/2001. His 23,000ish posts paint a great picture of who he was, and cover an incredible amount of shared musical experiences. Some of his year-end posts would highlight all of the wonderful events he had attended (and recorded) that year. Many of his postings were either a solid "head's up" for an upcoming show, and generally followed by a download link to a recording that he made so everyone co
  8. I'd never heard this before about his playing style. Very interesting.
  9. One of those legends whom I didn't even realize was still kicking! Wasn't Blueberry Hill a running gag on Happy Days? Also, LOVE this image of the Beatles meeting one of their heroes.
  10. That would be part of the concern. "Why is my computer acting so sluggish? I'm just running the browser." Then you find out some sneaky script is mining bitcoins using up resources. There's also no way to know what else is hiding in code like that. Could it also eventually be capturing keystrokes, and sending personal data? Hey maybe they'll also evolve to use your file system to dump some files and share nasty shit with your internet connection.
  11. I'm recalling a pub along one of the side streets of Princess st. It may have been the wellington. or whatever the Scherzo pub (long gone) was previously.
  12. I made it to one local impromptu gig at a pub in kingston but only caught the tail-end. I still remember the cheap promotional posters around our highschool promoting The Tragically Hip for one of our dances. The one cover that is still fresh in my mind was their cover of "Money" which I knew as a Beatles song. I volunteered to work at Another Roadside Attraction in kingston at richardson stadium in 1993. I was assigned to mind the artist gate and had to verify credentials. Gord came to the gate to enter and I acted like I had no idea who he was. "I'm in the band. I'm pl
  13. oh geez. I never really accepted that he would be gone. He certainly carved a deep groove into music history.
  14. even more interesting concepts in there. this could become a viable financing model, that is if there is a transparent opt-in and elevated membership (rewards/incentives) involved.
  15. Very sad news. At the moment, reports that he died are not accurate. He was taken off life support but isn't dead. TMZ - 1:35 PM PT -- Sources tell us at 10:30 Monday morning a chaplain was called to Tom's hospital room. We're told the family has a do not resuscitate order on Tom. The singer is not expected to live throughout the day, but he's still clinging to life. A report that the LAPD confirmed the singer's death is inaccurate -- the L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. handled the emergency.
  16. A neighbour is selling 2 tickets to Bruce Cockburn tonight at NAC. If anyone is interested, she can be contacted through kijiji ad. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-tickets/gatineau/bruce-cockburn-nac-september-22/1299390391?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true
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