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    bouche got a reaction from Booche in Happy 50th bday to DB 2.0   
    Bonne Anniversary baby! 
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    bouche got a reaction from Esau. in Aretha   
    I just thought I should share some photos I was lucky enough to capture of Aretha at Ottawa Jazzfest 2014, but also an iconic scene from the Blues Brothers.

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    bouche reacted to Booche in Kingston's Brian's Record Option GoFundMe Campaign   
    " where the hell do box packs like that go?   It's not like missing a fucking sock for fuck sakes." 
    I keep forgetting you tell that story. When is the last time you recall owning either, simply because we moved a few times after leaving Myrna's. Is it safe to assume you had one copy, possibly both, while you lived in Smith's Falls?
    Moving is always recklessly wretched. 
    Good job on donating while also making the board aware. Here`s another Door`s song, probably the deepest and most meaningful, our crew would never had known about had it not been for Brian.............this ALWAYS came on at some point when we were tripping ballz. It always felt like home to us. `This is the best part of the trip.` - it was as if we needed to hear those words at that very moment simply to save our marbles from becoming lost to other players. 
    You might enjoy this song brother because it is well built. 
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    bouche got a reaction from bONES in Epic Covers   
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    bouche got a reaction from Booche in Kingston's Brian's Record Option GoFundMe Campaign   
    yes, added funds. 
    I used to head there on the bus regularly during high school hours.  NOt sure how many classes were skipped to pick up some original Beatles vinyl or new releases by Prince, Terrance Trent D'Arby, Tom Petty, Travelling Wilbury's, you know… all the hits from the mid to late eighties.
    Most of my record collection was built from that place.  Mind you, a few of my treasures have gone missing somehow.   Example, The Concert for Bangladesh. I had 2 copies from there.  One original, and one re-issue.  where the hell do box packs like that go?   It's not like missing a fucking sock for fuck sakes.
    It is amazing that he's been in business as long as he has.  I don't think there are any original vinyl shops left in Kingston (like house of sound for example).
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    bouche reacted to edger in Happy birthday Bouche   
    Aww well hard to follow that brotherly love but I certainly remain grateful for the little forum that could.
    Happiest of circles around the Sun and thanks for keeping this alive. 
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    bouche reacted to Booche in Happy birthday Bouche   
    Let's all give a warm welcome to the guy who has tirelessly worked at keeping a community that was built simply on a love of music. 
    You are the man, my brother...............I love you and you are always home to me
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    bouche reacted to c-towns in Circles Around the Sun (Neil Casal)   
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    bouche reacted to Davey Boy 2.0 in Chinalog (in honour of Bradm)   
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    bouche got a reaction from Esau. in Ottawa Bluesfest 2018 Official Thread   
    I'm not aware of any.  
    The main stage acts seem to help the festival maintain a large presence allowing them to program blues and other genres on the smaller stages and interior stage in the museum.  
    These smaller stages are by no means small, they are certainly overshadowed by the mainstage acts and we can basically just consider this a music festival without any genre in the brand.
    It is certainly time to change the brand.  Ottawa Folk Festival was successfully rebranded as CityFolk Festival.  Why not simply just call the bluesfest, the Ottawa Hot Humid and Sometimes Stormy Live Music Festival?
    Be descriptive and reflective.  ?
    also, I was digging for old posts on this topic and love this post from Velvet in 2009 referencing acts that have been rumoured to appear.
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    bouche reacted to Hartamophone in Ottawa Bluesfest 2018 Official Thread   
    Also JRAD would be perfect for the Black Sheep stage.
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    bouche reacted to gentlemonkey in Ottawa Bluesfest 2018 Official Thread   
    Big ticket? I think it's about  time they shell out and get Neil Young! Also- If this Kinks reunion is real, GET THEM! 
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    bouche reacted to bONES in The Grateful Shred with Mapache in Toronto   
    Thanks for the heads up regarding this show Simon
    Really looking forward to seeing these dudes 
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    bouche reacted to Hartamophone in Ottawa Bluesfest 2018 Official Thread   
    I haven't been an active fan since probably 2004, and haven't seen them at all since 2008. Their sound has evolved quite a bit in that time. When Tim Reynolds first came on as a permanent full-time member, he was just screeching over top of things quite a bit, with heavy distortion. He seems to have toned things down in the past few years, and is giving the songs a little more room to breathe. Playing off the horns seems to be working for him. In terms of the horns, no disrespect to Leroi Moore, but Jeff Coffin's jazz chops have added quite a bit to the dynamic, and taken things in a more focused direction in terms of the band's improvisation. I loved watching Reynolds, Coffin, Rashawn Ross (trumpet) and Buddy Strong (keys) bouncing the musical beach ball around over the course of the show. And Carter Beauford is the same monster he's always been behind the kit. It was a really great time, and I think I'll try to see these guys again before another ten years is up. 
    On another note, was anyone else at the Black Sheep Stage for Eat a Peach on Thursday night? What a fun set, with as big a crowd as I think I've ever seen at that stage. 
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    bouche got a reaction from Hartamophone in Ottawa Bluesfest's Perfect Groove with Dave Matthews Band   
    View full post
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    bouche reacted to phorbesie in Ottawa Bluesfest 2018 Official Thread   
    That was my first DMB show and I thought it was fantastic! Really full sound, great interplay, jamming, funky, jazzy... Imprssed. Would definitely go see them again!
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    bouche reacted to Hartamophone in Ottawa Bluesfest 2018 Official Thread   
    DMB was dope. The horns were super tight, and the new keyboard player (Buddy Strong) pushes things to a different level. And Carter Beauford alone was worth the price of admission. Great times.
    I have a pass for tonight so I think I’m going to go for Eat a Peach and maybe some of Blue Rodeo.
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    bouche reacted to Hartamophone in Eat a Peach - Allmans Tribute (obviously) TWO SHOWS in Ottawa this Thursday, July 12th   
    I caught their rain-shortened set at Bluesfest last year and was duly impressed. They're back this Thursday for a Bluesfest set at 8:00, followed by a full two-set show at the 27 Club starting at 11:00. Boo ya! 
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    bouche reacted to Hartamophone in Ottawa Bluesfest 2018 Official Thread   
    Tonight is sold out. Don't think I've ever heard of night of Bluesfest selling out before. 
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    bouche reacted to Booche in Epic Covers   
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    bouche reacted to Booche in Ontario attorney general to consult fans about event ticket selling, buying   
    pretty sure we will be saying that a lot over the next few years
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    bouche reacted to Hartamophone in Ottawa Bluesfest 2018 Official Thread   
    I have nothing to add, but the festival starts this week and this thread belongs on the main page so deal with it. 
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    bouche reacted to edger in Jazz Fest Report - Bella Tagaq-a   
    Thanks for sharing these! It's been too long since I've seen Bela. And Jerry Douglas for that matter.
    You painted a nice picture
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    bouche reacted to bONES in anyone hitting Bela tonite then?   
    I saw Bela & The Flecktones last night in Toronto and the show was amazing !
    Those dudes are masters of their instruments.
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    bouche reacted to bradm in "My name is Brad M...   
    ...and I'm a taper."
    "Hi, Brad!"
    "It started innocently enough...I'd download shows other people had taped, listen to them, and imagine what it would be like to tape shows. When I'd be at shows where people were taping, I'd hover around them, basking in the technological glow, and the light from the equipment. It shone at me, like small beacons in the distance...or maybe like a lighthouse, warning me about the shoals I was approaching.
    "Then I borrowed some equipment. I went to the heavy stuff pretty early, a portable DAT and a good set of mics. A friend showed me how to use it...I don't blame him for my obsession, it's all my fault, he had no way of knowing.
    "We did one show together, and I think I was hooked right there. Two days later, I did a show alone. For me, it's the fire & ice buzz: you've got your ears tuned to the show, your eyes on the gear, and your mind flipping back and forth, wondering how the tape will sound, or if you're getting it at all.
    "And, of course, there's the whole gear thing. I love cables, buttons, plugs, jacks. I'm also an engineer, and taping is a great way to utilize my 'How can I make this work?' nature. Improvisational expressions of technology are, for me, a big part of it all.
    "After the show, I rushed to the deck. Stopped it, rewound it a few minutes, whipped out the headphones, and, with trepidation verging on paralysis, pressed . What I heard made my heart sing! Not only did I get the show, it sounded great! Then came another aspect to it all: showing off. I wandered the room, thrusting the headphones at anyone who'd give me the time. 'Hey, you've got to hear this!' I'd say, and then bathe in the reflected glow as their eyes lit up.
    "I got home, it was pretty late, I should have gone right to bed, but I had to hear more; a small taste at the club just wasn't enough. I stood in the kitchen, plugged everything in, and listened more. It was as good as, if not better then, what I heard before.
    "I slept fitfully; my dreams included cables, slithering like serpents in my garden of tranquility, and jacks and plugs taking the place of the usual puerile imagery. In my dreams, I was back at the club (as if my spirit hadn't been sated and had never left it).
    "The next day, I didn't listen to any music. I tried to take a day off. I didn't tape yesterday, and I won't tape today. I've gone looking for equipment on e-Bay, but just once, I swear.
    "I'm taking a day at a time. There'll be temptations, but I think I can be a social taper; I just have to avoid binges.
    "Thank you."
    BRAD (Been Reading About DATS)
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