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    bouche reacted to Booche in Epic Covers   
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    bouche reacted to Booche in Ontario attorney general to consult fans about event ticket selling, buying   
    pretty sure we will be saying that a lot over the next few years
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    bouche reacted to Hartamophone in Ottawa Bluesfest 2018 Official Thread   
    I have nothing to add, but the festival starts this week and this thread belongs on the main page so deal with it. 
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    bouche reacted to edger in Jazz Fest Report - Bella Tagaq-a   
    Thanks for sharing these! It's been too long since I've seen Bela. And Jerry Douglas for that matter.
    You painted a nice picture
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    bouche reacted to bONES in anyone hitting Bela tonite then?   
    I saw Bela & The Flecktones last night in Toronto and the show was amazing !
    Those dudes are masters of their instruments.
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    bouche reacted to bradm in "My name is Brad M...   
    ...and I'm a taper."
    "Hi, Brad!"
    "It started innocently enough...I'd download shows other people had taped, listen to them, and imagine what it would be like to tape shows. When I'd be at shows where people were taping, I'd hover around them, basking in the technological glow, and the light from the equipment. It shone at me, like small beacons in the distance...or maybe like a lighthouse, warning me about the shoals I was approaching.
    "Then I borrowed some equipment. I went to the heavy stuff pretty early, a portable DAT and a good set of mics. A friend showed me how to use it...I don't blame him for my obsession, it's all my fault, he had no way of knowing.
    "We did one show together, and I think I was hooked right there. Two days later, I did a show alone. For me, it's the fire & ice buzz: you've got your ears tuned to the show, your eyes on the gear, and your mind flipping back and forth, wondering how the tape will sound, or if you're getting it at all.
    "And, of course, there's the whole gear thing. I love cables, buttons, plugs, jacks. I'm also an engineer, and taping is a great way to utilize my 'How can I make this work?' nature. Improvisational expressions of technology are, for me, a big part of it all.
    "After the show, I rushed to the deck. Stopped it, rewound it a few minutes, whipped out the headphones, and, with trepidation verging on paralysis, pressed . What I heard made my heart sing! Not only did I get the show, it sounded great! Then came another aspect to it all: showing off. I wandered the room, thrusting the headphones at anyone who'd give me the time. 'Hey, you've got to hear this!' I'd say, and then bathe in the reflected glow as their eyes lit up.
    "I got home, it was pretty late, I should have gone right to bed, but I had to hear more; a small taste at the club just wasn't enough. I stood in the kitchen, plugged everything in, and listened more. It was as good as, if not better then, what I heard before.
    "I slept fitfully; my dreams included cables, slithering like serpents in my garden of tranquility, and jacks and plugs taking the place of the usual puerile imagery. In my dreams, I was back at the club (as if my spirit hadn't been sated and had never left it).
    "The next day, I didn't listen to any music. I tried to take a day off. I didn't tape yesterday, and I won't tape today. I've gone looking for equipment on e-Bay, but just once, I swear.
    "I'm taking a day at a time. There'll be temptations, but I think I can be a social taper; I just have to avoid binges.
    "Thank you."
    BRAD (Been Reading About DATS)
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    bouche reacted to gentlemonkey in Jazzfest Report - Lakeside Lowdown   
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    bouche reacted to gentlemonkey in Jazzfest Report- Dirty Lowdown   
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    bouche reacted to Hartamophone in Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats coming to Fredericton, Quebec City and Ottawa in September   
    Pretty psyched for this. They've been one of my favourite "new" bands of the past couple of years, but I was out of town when they played Cityfolk last year. 
    Sept. 14th - Frederiction - Harvest Jazz & Blues
    Sept. 18th - Quebec City - L'Imperial
    Sept. 19th - Ottawa - Bronson Centre
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    bouche reacted to Northern Wish in Borderland Music Festival - East Aurora NY   
    Revivalists, Dr Dog, Barr Brothers, John Oates, Sam Roberts Band, Fruition, Infamous Stringdusters, Margo Price, Sam Bush Band etc.
    No camping, ends at 9. If anyone wants a room at the nearby Hampton Inn let me know - I have a pretty good discount arrangement with them.
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    bouche reacted to Esau. in Epic Covers   
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    bouche reacted to bONES in Epic Covers   
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    bouche reacted to Booche in Epic Covers   
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    bouche reacted to Booche in Dead and Co Summer Tour 2018   
    Johnny Slayer is starting to put on some Phil 'heineken' Lesh weight but hot-damn if he doesnt have the best of ole Jer Bear with his own spin. He and Bob speak really well together and I suspect this stuff would be fantastic if Phil were driving the bus, nothing against Oteil. He's fucking great. 
    At first I was all "this is one slow Jack Straw" and then the silky slide happened. It's that kinda shit that keeps me coming back to these cats. I'm glad this stuff is going on..................
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    bouche reacted to Davey Boy 2.0 in Is this a videogame or real life?   
    that was in Turin and even the Italians loudly applauded that goal.... that does not happen often.
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    bouche reacted to Esau. in World Fiddle Day!   
    So, share somethin'
    here's one of my favourite:
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    bouche reacted to Hartamophone in White Denim   
    I’m just getting into these guys now. Way late to the party, for sure. But I’m diggin’ ‘em.
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    bouche reacted to Hartamophone in CityFolk 2018 rumours   
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    bouche reacted to phorbesie in Privacy Policy and Terms update - GDPR compliance   
    Yes it works!
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    bouche reacted to Hartamophone in Privacy Policy and Terms update - GDPR compliance   
    Worked fine for me.
    Thanks, as always, for keeping coal in the boilers.
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    bouche reacted to Freak By Night in Privacy Policy and Terms update - GDPR compliance   
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    bouche got a reaction from Booche in A three-day cover band festival is coming to Ottawa   
    also if you have to hire a lead guitar player in your Prince tribute band, you're not covering him right.   Sounds good though and really, can't dramatically expect anyone to pull off all of Prince's skills at once.
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