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  1. The theme from Magnum P.I. over and over!
  2. Magnum

    Dead/Mike Rumour

    Doing a Dead 40th celebration without Phil is unthinkable and downright insulting. It would be like doing a Magnum P.I. movie without me. Forgetabout it! No-one else has the chest!
  3. Curses! The good stuff always hits Oahu last. Oh well. But back to the thread....any thoughts on the East-Coast thing. Higgins really wants to know. We're thinking of getting Robin Master's to do a book reading at the next year's Evolve.
  4. My good sir I think it's an idea who's time has come. In fact, if it wern't for that "murder she wrote" wanna be, Agatha hanging around the Estate, we'd have done that by now.
  5. [color:red]So I cruised out to Evovle and to the East-Coast scene with Higgins and TC in the Ferrari, and I was amazed to see how strong the jam-band/music scene is out there. [color:red] On the long drive back to the Robin's Nest in Hawaii, TC and I got to talking. We wondered why the East-Coast scene is so strong, seeing as there is so few peiople out there (in the grand sceme of things) and people generally have less money to spend on the East-coast...then say in a place like Toronto. So I ask you, why do you think the East-coast scene is so strong and the Ontario scene so underdeveloped/weak in comparison. Especially when Ontario has a way greater population and much more money in general. You comments and thought appricated. [color:blue] Well I'm off to the Kamayamaya club to have Mi-Ties with Rick. Hang Loose. Magnum Out.
  6. [color:Purple]Looks like I'll be driving the Ferarri up to Ottawa for this one. Save a Mai-Ti for me and TC. Ottawa ladies watch out Magnum is coming to put his mack game down!
  7. Yeah Jack Person did play with the Allmans in the 90's. He is a master session ACE. And a wikkid slide player. Very slippery. I would consider it a treat to see him again. Although I do love Wartren.
  8. Oh I'll be getting my swerve on playa! I'll be bumpin', grindin', mashin' it up, smackin' booty. You know how we do!
  9. Along with Al Foster and Steve Gadd. Billy really helped forge that technical funk-jazz fusion in the mid-seventies as oppose to the straight rock-jazz fusion. I highly recomend Billy Cobham/George Duke Band "Live Europe in '73". This band features a 27 year old Scofield funking it out!
  10. Yeah? Does Ben from the void still play with you guys @ Harmony?
  11. [color:blue]Bitchin'. The surf and the Swift. Fuck it!, I'ma get on my surf ski paddle out and meet up with Rick and TC on the bayliner.
  12. I'll be there mackin' the babes with Rick in Higgins ferrari outside!
  13. Looks interesting. What type of music will HPD be churning out? Also what is the deal with the Chameleon Project? I just joined, the other day but I've seen there posters arond T.O.?
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