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Another memorable moment.....


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Peeing with Crystal....


That aren't many options when you are in a parking lot and you are a girl and you have to pee. So you just pick the most secluded part of the lot, find another girl that has to pee, hide behind some bushes and hope that not too much attention is drawn towards you.


Crystal approaches a group of people in the corner of the parking lot.

Crys: "Hey! Where do y'all pee 'round 'ere?"

Dude: "Wherever."

Chick: "I prefer behind the dumpster over there."

(Note: Men in uniforms on other side of dumpster and dumpster reeks of urine and beers.) frown.gif" border="0

So Crys and I decide to take to the trees in hopes of not being seen.


Crys hikes the skirt. I drop the shorts. We squat. (No one said that the climax had to be very descriptive! Just good!) shocked.gif" border="0

Crys: "HEY! Are you lookin' at me??? Don't be lookin' at me! I SEE you lookin' at me!"

(Crystal: mad.gif" border="0 )

(Lynn: blush.gif" border="0 )

So much for being inconspicuous!


(fill in the blank)

The End.

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I know who`s organizing it. I`ll look into it more and post some info for you guys. I`ve got a wedding Saturday night, but I think I`m going over Sunday and camping over. I`m not much into the music, but you don`t have to twist my arm to have a beer or 2 or 20. What is Stages???

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