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coolest pic of all?


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the nixon elvis is pleading for create a caption...


[whispers from corner of mouth]

"ok careful not to drop the baggie, it's in my handshake... here, reach around and put the money inside my cape at the back there, no not there you fucking moron... "

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Flashback to Grade 2:

that picture was taken from the Different Strokes episode where the "Gang" took a trip to Universal Studios. Arnold got too anxious on the set of Knight Rider, so he snuck into a decoy Kit car that was being set up to explode without him knowing. The episode ended in cliffhanger style: would the car blow up with Arnold in it?

Dude, the next day that episode was THE biggest buzz around the playground at elementary school!

thanx for the memories! grin.gif" border="0

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