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Dr. Huxtable @ Maxwell's this Thurs...join the revolution!


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The times they are a changin' indeed....!!!

As the jam-band revolution tightens its grip on the O-town scene, Dr.Huxtable in conjunction with Nugget Productions, is proud to open up a new front in the battle for space-funk supremacy, this time on the normally reserved and conservative Elgin St. scene....

It seems our friends at Maxwells, 340 Elgin Street, are looking for a way to spice up their Thursday nights, and after a kind endorsement by friends Ferriswheeler, we were approached to play Maxwell's this Thursday, April 11th, at the special time of 9:00-11:00...This show is very much an experiment for the bar to test the waters for becoming a music venue, and we would love to

PACK the place, and convince them that

highly-intuitive-imporvisational-space-funk, is much more preferrable to the Macarena!!!

So replace that Ralph Lauren golf shirt with a tie dye, trade in that martini for a Sammy Adams, toss away that pesky bra, and join the revolution this Thursday!!

Dr. Huxtable

LIVE @ Maxwells

340 Elgin St.

THIS Thursday



Happy trails,

The Happy Huxies...

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Does Maxwell's allow taping? I almost wish they don't, 'cause then, you know, we might have to CHALLENGE THEM and have them FEEL THE POWER of the SANCTUARY!!!

Dr. Hux: You said the show was 9-11. Does this mean you'll be hitting the stage at (or close to) 9, so something like an 8:30 arrival would be best?



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actually that sounds like fun...i haven't been in a scrap in years.

don't invite your mom (aka myrna) this weekend booche, and we can have a BOOCHE vs. TREYTER backyard bonanza battle to the death!

winner gets the leftover lasagna.

Harpua, i expect you will have the odds, and all the betting slips prepared...

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you are in some kinda mood taday brah...oh well, i can diggit. so the challenge has been accepted.

tell your mom to bake a lasagna, and call an ambulance, because u in some twouble boochie.

BTW: Sally is not allowed to fight this one for u if that's your backup plan.

see you saturday honey. and wear something sexy wouldya....i might want to "finally" change my priorities and get laid when you are face-down & whimpering. shocked.gif" border="0shocked.gif" border="0shocked.gif" border="0

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Does that mean Myrna is coming out?

On a more relevent matter. Thank the jamband and sleep god this is 9-11. I hope that a ton of folks make it out to this one to make a good "first impression" and rightfully so?

Is that banner causing anyone else slow grief as they try to tpye.

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Maxwells eh?!!!


alrighty then boys....watch out for the COUGERS!!! shocked.gif" border="0

my buddies I used to work with in Ottawa go to this place specifically to pick up because most of the women there are aged 26-32 and know what they want. wink.gif" border="0

maybe this will be the beginning of the end of the "sausage era"

that'd be sweet....there's always raggacoochie right after as well!

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oi ! i dont think maxwells is going to be anticipating all you lot storming thier borders! i imagine this is just a thought of theirs to bring some good groove in for their regular clientelle. ha ha, make sure somebody reports back here how it goes!

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Go check out Johnny Vegas there on Wednesday`s...What entertainment, what a crowd, what hilarity...If it`s your birthday he WILL serenade you! and there is this 40 something year old man...The best dancer I have ever seen...Wednesday`s there are priceless...

Wait a sec...I mean I have never been there before, ummmm yeah!

Maybe Thursday`s will be the new night.

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