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ain't gonna work on Maggie's let me take you down, 'cos I'm going to by the riverside, got some things to talk about, here beside rain falls like crazy fingers, peals of fragile help me when I call, you ain't so like a stranger, gonna be a wait til the midnight hour, thats when my love comes a tumblin down to the mountain, I was drinking some wine

One More Saturday Night

then Hunter hypnotically brilliant...


Jam > Playin in the Band > Scarlet Begonias > Fire on the Mountain > Drums > Space > Lazy Lightning > Supplication Jam > New Speedway Boogie > Caution > Sugaree

E: GDTRFB > And We Bid You Goodnight... Goodnight... Goodnight...

so much to say I don't know what to say...

good 'ol Grateful Dead

[big Grin]

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what an amazing weekend, kind folks, cold beer, great show......Willy, we were not far off on the setlist. [Wink]

The Other Ones

The Palace , Detroit , MI

Set I: Jam > Maggie's Farm* > Strawberry Field Forever* > Uncle John's Band* > Crazy Fingers > Big Boss Man*, Feel Like A Stranger*, In The Midnight Hour* > One More Saturday Night

Set II: Jam > Playin' In The Band* > Scarlet Begonias* > Fire On The Mountain* > drumz > soace > Lazy Lightning > Supplication > New Speedway Boogie* > Caution* > Sugaree*

Enc: Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad* > And We Bid You Goodnight*

Notes: * With Susan Tedeschi on vocals.

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a big tip of the hat and deep bow to all the Holiday Inn crew... you guys are tops!!! [big Grin]

part of the wonder of shows is when the world magically re-alligns itself once you get high rollin

made an already perfect night yet much bigger still...

amazing memories, once I can remember

waking dreams... right on right on

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wow wow wow wow wow

What an amazing show and a fabulous time!

Personal highlights included Robert Hunter's set (man, I wish I didn't miss the start of it) and the whole second set. Every time I thought wow, it doesn't get any better than this, it got better. When they started playing New Speedway Boogie I freaked with excitement, and Susan singing Sugaree ... so so sweet.

And what a blast, partying all night in the whirlpool and pool at the Holiday Inn with a bunch of great folks.

Peace, Mark

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Pronunciation: "E-kw&-'dis-t&nt, "e-kw&-

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2 : representing map distances true to scale in all directions

- equi·dis·tant·ly adverb

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Pronunciation: 'ful-kr&m, 'f&l-

Function: noun

Inflected Form(s): plural fulcrums or ful·cra /-kr&/

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So much to say i don't know where to start. 17th row tix, Scarlet>Fire, GDTRFB!!!

Best after party i have ever been a part of. Those people at the Inn need to pat themselves on the back for the scene they put up with in that pool. Everyone peaceful and just havin fun in the water [smile][smile]

Cheers to all at the INN.

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Scored first row 15 feet away from stage right. [big Grin] these two girls hooked us up with the tickets which was much appreciated. (supposed to be about 4 rows back from this original spot) Drumz rumbled through my whole entire body, what a frickin night!

My highlight was feel like a stranger, it was in my head all week before the show, and then all the sudden the into kicked in and I went nuts, amazing jams throughout the tune.

Didnt enjoy the ride home very much because we headed right into a snowstorm and couldnt see a thing, but i guess thats the price to pay to see one of the best bands in the whole world

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Definitely one of my top three show experiences of all time! What a f’n blast!

Where do I start? Well, upon checking into Holiday Inn, the desk girl tells me that the pool is open 24 hours and you can have beverages as long as no glass. Hello post show pool party!!!

After a few brew, etc, it was off to the Palace. Got to the lot a little bit before the show. Enough time to head over to shakedown and visit with American Nomad and Nomadess at their booth. A nice chocolate coin hookup, one final doobie in the warn confines of Nomads' car and it was into the show.

Everything was just right on! I was perfectly primed for this show.

Some highlights:

- Running into all the great Canadians that were there. M, Big Friendly, ACE…. MANY more. I must have know about 100 people there.

- Getting stubbed down for a bit to where schwa and others were to enjoy the floor.

- Free flow of beer throughout the show.

- Walking around the Palace bare footed like I was at home.

- Oh yeah, avoiding the huge line up at the main gate on the way in and finding an entrance at the side with no line up at all.

- The entire set list and especially that Feel Like a Stranger! (Huge Bobby fan!) I lost it!

- Calling my lady on my cell phone so she could share in the bliss of the We Bid You Good Night closer. Very sweet.

- Unlike the Boston show I saw a week or so prior, my seats were IN FRONT of the stage. Got to see that amazing screen show. Love that time-lapsed photgraphy stuff!

The pool party after was something else. Everything is actully pretty foggy… Upon departing the Holiday Inn at about 1 pm on Sunday, I found myself, while people who were checking in gazed in wonder, on the lobby floor sifting through bags of wet clothes that the front desk had gathered, trying to find my pants and shirt that I left at the pool the night before. Yep, they had my clothes for me. [smile] Holiday Inn staff rock!!

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Here's what Mickey Hart had to say about 'our' show:

Double clutchin for home.

Tonight was really great. We executed a couple of Grateful Dead specific moves that surprised even us. One moment occurred during the "7"section of Uncle John's Band. Half of the band was playing Uncle John's Band, while the other half was playing Playing in the Band. Now both songs are in the same key, but this was an extraordinary occurrence, even for us. We were literally playing two different songs that were in what we call "odd times", at the same time. Very interesting to be sure! Bob was the catalyst for this strange hybrid. I couldn't believe it when I heard it, but it made me laugh out loud. I don't recall this ever happening to us in this fashion. This was not planned or anticipated in the remotest of scenarios. I just love this kind of stuff. This is the best of what we can do on a good night. I suspect that this kind of thing is unimaginable for some bands, nor even desired, but this is our treasure. It is also mindless in a good kind of way. This is where group-mind is courted and achieved. I live for these moments. These events are so out of control, so in the moment, so real. We never could make this music perfect, so why try? Real is so much better than cookie cutter music.

When everybody is breathing like one, words do not describe this feeling. It is group-mind at its best, and truly beyond words, taking us all to dream translation space. Music is an energy that seems to emanate from some other place and time, yet it is earth bound as well and works in this magnificent clockwork kind of fashion. A bit out of reach, a little bit out of control, yet it is of our making.

This kind of music certainly is not a formula driven experience. I love the wild side to all of this. I know the songs are wonderful and melodic, and have order, but it is the chaos that appeals to me. Tonight we also double clutched into Uncle John's Band in amazing fashion. We collectively brought the tempo and feeling down to the desired speed in two distinct stages. We were in Maggie's Farm which was fast and funky. Then Phil, Bill and myself brought the tempo back down for reentry into Uncle John's Band. Not quite right yet, we executed perfectly the second tempo shift and we were there. We all landed together at the right speed and feeling. What a relief. This was another magic moment in this unusual series of events. Unspoken, unrehearsed and totally spontaneous.

Tonight was Susan's last night with us on our tour so we had a goodbye cake and celebration backstage. We all wish her well with her new record and will miss her. Maybe our paths will cross again down the road.

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i had a fantastic time in the motor city partying with all my buds at a killer show. unfortunately i could not convince the people i was with to join the festivities at the holiday inn pool party.bahhhh! tired, shmired is what i told them but no dice! it did leave me well rested for the trip to indy in the morning. another killer show with kick ass seats to boot.

set1 cold rain and snow> til the morning comes> tennessee jed> broken arrow> loose lucy> cumberland blues> jack straw

set2 jam> shakedown> cassidy> casey jones> drumz> space> banyan tree> samson and delilah> let it grow> cosmic charlie

E: doin' that rag

many highlites for me especially the broken arrow, samson and delilah and the cosmic charlie. it was a tough first set to top but i think the second set did it for me! the shakedown had the place going fuckin' nuts!

only lowlight was that it took 5.5 hours to get there and 9.5 to get home. all woth it though. [big Grin][big Grin][big Grin]

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right ons to all who made the extra journey... kickin setlists.. rag encore hey? I had to let my extra go for $30 US and an awesome long sleeve dye at the Palace which just wouldn't propel me to indy... had some invites in other wheels but just wasn't leavin the auto mobile in detroit... (anyone else go too far down university st. after show in detroit... colorful locals in the hood)


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Wow! I was blown away once again by TOO. Some nice surprises...Strawberry Fields, New speedway, caution etc.. and topped off by an amazing Sugaree. Susan really surprised me, I was kinda skeptical at first, but them bam! Unfortuantely we had a hellish time driving home after the show as there was a pretty bad whiteout allong the way which cut our speed to 45 for most of the way.

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Tonin, Pinchy, SteveR, 'n Wil

you's er the crew I spoke of

anytime, anywhere

caught wind of a possible guesthouse jam space gathering post fatties fri... c yas in brantford hopefully either or!

the holiday inn staff in auburn rocked worlds

toasts to all great open hearted people

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