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I'm revealing a deep dark secret....

Super Freak

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In my attempt to reach rockstar status, I have decided to make a few pointless posts that could either make you laugh or cry.

I have decided to admit to all, openly, my first show ever.

It was the summer of 1982, chic mullet in full bloom, I was probably even wearing a gold headband with feather hanging off the side.(those old enough to remember the feather hangin' headband will be laughing about right now)

CNE Grandstand for....

Rick Spingfield~Success hasn't spoiled me yet tour,

If anyone can top that, I will sing Jesse's Girl at the Karry-hokie bar of your choice.

oO0please, please, please,somebody top that...0Oo

[big Grin]

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I often cite SRV & Double Trouble at Massey Hall in March '85 (I had 8th row floors; got my freakin' head blown clear off [smile] ) as my first show, but I'm starting to re-think that position.

About four years before that, as a graduation present from Senior Public School, I got given a ticket to...Beatlemania, at the O'Keefe Centre. Actually, the whole family (Mom, Dad, my brother, and I) went (I was about 12 or 13).

The house lights came down, the stage lights started to come up, and a booming voice came over the PA:

O'Keefe Centre management would like to remind you that in this venue there is no smoking...ANYTHING...

It was a pretty good show, but kinda cheezy at times, especailly as they went through all the costume/look changes. I still have the button/pin I bought.



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Guest Low Roller

shhh, you'll give away the male secret of letting women do all the decorating so that males can just sit motionless and watch hockey Booche!

At the same time your place is a bustling utopia of greenery. I have one plant, and it's dying.

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how about his one.....

Flashback: 1985

The Place: Sault Ste. Marie Memorial Gardens

The Band: Corey Hart, Boy In the Box tour.

Me and my dad in the stands, my sister on the floor (she's 5 years older). We got all the hits that night, and I still remember when he played Sunglasses at Night.

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I know when i've been beat.

You are the Master-I am your slave.

I guess I am singing Jesse's girl.

Just when you think there is nothing worse than Rick Springfield...

...You find out...Cat's Can Fly...

Oh my gawd...the 80's cheese is oozing out o all my pores....and I ran...I ran so far away...


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Hey, Tracy, yours is slightly less lame and more respectable than mine.

The first live show I ever attended was at the Civic Centre in Ottawa. I was twelve or thirteen, and my little sister and our best friends went to see.... (drumroll, please!)

New kids on the block!

I loved the New Kids- then. Now, it's just funny.

In case ya'll were wondering, my favorite New Kid was Joey MacIntyre.

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