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Band Members: I BET you WISHED just once...


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Ryan Adams forced a member of his audience to leave a show this week, after he confused the US troubadour with Canadian rocker Bryan Adams.

At a gig in Nashville on Tuesday, a member of the crowd called out to Adams, asking him to perform the Bryan Adams hit, 'Summer of '69',

According to the Associated Press, Ryan reacted with a stream of expletives and asked for the house lights to be turned on.

Having identified the heckler, the singer paid him a $30 refund and ordered him to leave the venue, refusing to continue the gig until he done so.

Pam Matthews, general manager of the Ryman Auditorium, stopped the fan on his way out, apologised "profusely" and allowed him back into the concert.

He kept Adam's $30.


that adams guy has impressed mr weir, bobby wants ryan to go on tour with him.

(after the duo met at neil's bridge school benefit)

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oh yeah, h, i like metallica too.. dinghy is just being silly. The closest experience I've had to that wasn't as exciting..Our first time in Saint John a couple years ago, someone screamed for Slayer and we hit the first couple parts of "Seasons in the Abyss", badly.. i should also mention there weren't many people there. [Wink]

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burt reynolds rules. Carrot top sucks.

Burt in Deliverance maybe,but for the rest of it,

I think it's crap.

Hustle (also Exec. Producer) 1975

Hooper 1978

Best Little Whorehouse in Texas 1982

Stroker Ace 1983

Cop-and-a-Half 1992

Just to name afew sweltering piles!

My Dad,used to love Burt movies so I was subjected to many througth out my life.


Uncle Fungi Presents

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Evil~ in league with satan!

gm - ya, i was kidding - i couldnt really see you leaping over your drums and punching a guy out [smile]

i'm not so sure about the burt thing though...

i cant watch deliverance ever again - once was more than enough

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i was wathcing this one episode of Maximum Exposure (I think). It showed this band rocking out in a bar and this wacko hecking and hecking. The guitar front man walked to the front of the stage and plowed him in the face with the body of the guitar.

After, it had the heckler sitting with a MaxX guy watching the video tape. They were commenting on how it sounded like the opening bit of distortion on ... oh what's that beagles song... anyways, the guy said he's now cut heckling from the things he does at shows.

- Take note Jason "Less talk more rock!" Vecherik! [big Grin]

btw, h, love the new signature.



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another good story:

i was at a twisted sister (actually they were called "Dee Snyder and the Sick Mutha Fuckers") in 98 (I tihnk) in London. I was right in the front, giving Dee High fives and being the biggest TS fan in the house. I would shoot him the finger and then give him a high five. btw, The Price was immaculate. [Roll Eyes]

Anyways, half way through the show about, this bigger girl behind me a bit, perhaps after seeing from me how fun it looked to do, started to give Dee the finger. Dee did not like this. He stopped the show. (Mid song I think) He yelled at the girl, something to the effect, "If you don't like it here and don't appreciate us you can get the fuck out and make room for two other people who want to be here." His band just looked at him in disbeleif. The girl was on the verge of tears.

I don't rememebr if she left or not. People were not rocking out as hard after that. I dared not shoot Dee the finger. I even refused to give him any more high fives. (well for a bit anyways..)

Bottom line: Dee Snyder is an idiot!! I'll prolly shoot him the finger if I ever see him around. [smile]



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Maybe this should be a string unto itself....?

"Audience members being bitch-slapped by the band"

A few months back at the Commodore Ballroom, Danzig bitch slapped an irate fan much to the delight of the rowdy audience....apparently this happens quite often with ol Lenny....have you seen this guys pipes? I'd hate to piss him off....

Then there the footage (ever seen the punk rock movie D.O.A.?) of Sid Vicious "taking exception" to a fan in the front row of a San Antonio gig (first US tour in '77?) ......WHAM!!! Bass Guitar crashing down upon skull....OUCH!!!!

Good times, good times......

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I love when bands fight with the audience. Fantastic! One time at a Gordon Lightfoot show, this dude kept screaming for "Cats In The Cradle" so Lightfoot lept off the rim of the stage and just shredded him right there in front of the Governor-General and then he tore into her, screaming at her to "stop crying so I can play fackin' Old Dan's Records, for Chrissakes!". It was fantastic.

Then there was the time Doug Feaver took on a high-school football team because he didn't like their uniforms....


Here's a picture of Dave Hill from the Fat Cats, taken a couple years back, I think at Frontier Town:


His hair has changed but you gotta love his attitude.

See ya! [Wink]

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