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Happy Birthday to the PassedOutGirl...


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hey hey hey- Gald that I got a chance to see you folks in Vegas!

happy birthday babe!

Hey I think I have a present for ya- how about a photo of you and your man- doing up Deercreek in style too!

I'm setting it aside for ya and hoping that I'll get a chance to give it to you soon.

Are you guys going to Drums and Tuba in TO on the 29th?

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Thanks everyone... I had such a great day. Andre, Sally, I did get my watch, thanks for holding it for so long. I don't think we'll be going to D&T, unless that 30 million comes our way tomorrow. Julia, I did get to play, but holding the cards was tough. Dealers were laughing. And dear Brian, Vegas will always be our special time. Slingo rocks!

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