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librarians are hot!


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people on the board are good at this! i have my second interview tomorrow (that's thursday) at 9:30am, and it is with the two circulation supervisors and the head of human relations. i am so scared i could pee my pants. i just registered for my next semester of library school today too, man i am all about the library!

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As the son of a former public library staff member*, and as the brother of a former public library staff member, and as a former public library staff member myself, I'm sending the highest quality, yet quietest vibes I can.



* My Mom wasn't a "librarian", as you need a degree in library science for that.

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i go to mohawk (via distance ed) to obtain a library technician's diploma.

Cool,I wasn't sure.My uncle (Dad's side,mom's side are bikers..what a mix) is a highschool librarian now (ex-teacher),so I had never heard him mention it,then again we don't talk to often so he probally did this during or close to his retirement.He likes to be busy all the time.

Is that Mohawk in Hamilton? I live right up the road.


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The Librarian with

an Alterego Convention


Librarians with Alter Egos

Hey! What do you think that prim librarian with the pencil in her bun is really up to? She looks meek and unassuming, but that's the very sort I don't trust! Such is the suspicion frequently played out in books, movies, television and comics. Somewhere in popular culture, most of us eventually encounter the convention of a librarian who possesses an alter ego -- a wild or hidden side which contrasts the other stereotypical mild and scholarly side. In this convention, the librarian might function as a positive or negative character, but in either case, eventually demonstrates a sharply polarized persona. This alter-ego may erupt when the librarian character suddenly snaps, or it might lie hidden until some development exposes the subterfuge. A similar convention occurs for libraries as well, the best examples of which include libraries which house a revolving bookcase or a hidden stairway leading to some mysterious setting of intrigue. These conventions appear largely in gothic or mystery genres, but are not limited to them. They crop up in comedy, drama and even unlikely popular culture sub-genres such as so called "reality T.V.". Where does this convention come from and what does it reveal about our society's fears and fantasies regarding librarians? Initially I proposed two theories to the group and then we found a third theory in the recent library literature.

My first theory concerns a biblical, perhaps puritanical fear of the information we manage. Knowledge is dangerous - the first temptation in Genesis was not sex, but knowledge from the apple, which the serpent graciously offered to Adam and Eve. This theory might explain why the Dark Arts often emerge as part of the secret the library/librarians hide.

My other theory is Freudian. Libraries, as the preservers and providers of our culture's external memory, represent civilization. Civilization has its discontents --mainly the repression of the id and libido. Therefore, perhaps it is not surprising that fictional depictions of librarians and libraries might involve conflict where a struggle between control and chaos takes place. This theory would account for stories in which librarians reveal some unexpected sexual side. (Another component of my Freudian theory concerns fear of libraries as dark enclosed places ... but ... um, I'll get to that later).

We found a third theory in two recent articles from library journals. These articles explored the postmodern linguist Foucault's observations that the institution of the library creates a "discourse of fear". He feels that this fear lies in a socially constructed dynamic between the librarian and the user, deeply embedded in our culture's consciousness. Foucault further analyzes this phenomena in terms of the library as a gateway or boundary between order and chaos (in which the user fears both possibilities) and also in terms of the library as an arena where the user fears humiliation. The group discussed several examples before deciding which theories we found most pertinent or plausible.

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the heady vibes work again! i got the job and i start in three weeks!

my librarian alter ego would tend towards freudian implications as i am a "band whore", with explicit sexuality. :)

also, esau, i am the founding member of the librarian branch of my family but i already have a biker branch. my grandma and my uncles are/were all bikers.

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