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::FAT CATS:: Pepperjack Cafe, Hamilton Fri. Aug 20


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Just a reminder about Friday night at The Pepperjack Cafe. It's been a while since we had a show here and we are really looking forward to playing so come on out and shake it!!

Fat Cats

w/ Blue Quarter

The Pepperjack Cafe

38 King William St.

Hamilton, ON


See you at the show.


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MamaRed - I am in love w/ your avatar...... seriously!...... I am certain you are a beautiful person too........ but Laura Prepon does things to me that only ever happened when those aliens took me on board and probed me......... mmmmmmmmm........ probing...........

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I hope the Fat Cats open for Blue Quarter. Can't wait, see you all there.

I assume that you're joking.

\/\/illy, Not joking one little bit. Blue Quarter are travelling across the continent to play. And usually in the realms of musical comradery, it's the touring band's gig, not the local bands'. And besides, in my opinion, Blue Quarter are a billion times better and worth seeing than the Cats any day.

Original music over a cover band,....yup

A hard pressing touring act we rarely see over a local act we always see,....yup

We can support our local artist anytime we wish but not our friends from afar, that's a special occasion.

These guys are some of the greatest kindest cats you'll ever meet. When will you get a chance to see the Stick played in such an outerwordly way? Next time B.Q. comes back!

can't wait!,...see you there.

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Original music over a cover band,....yup

The Fat Cats a cover band??? Yes, they play some covers, but they've got dozens of original songs, and play lots of them at a show. Maybe they're not "original" in the sense that they are an "old school jam rock band", but I'm hard pressed to find a band that has better original songs than the Fatties. At the last Come Together Fest I remember looking back and seeing lots of people dancing and singing along to the Fat Cats while they were playing their own songs.

Don't get me wrong, I love Blue Quarter and think that they are a great band and do what they do very well, but so do the Fat Cats.

Peace, Mark

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this'll be my fourth or fifth time seeing the chapman stick played in such an otherworldly way (by Blue Quarter... not counting Tony Levin of King Crimson)

it makes sense Blue Quarter goes first tonight energy-wise, and gives the weary travellers a chance to kick back and enjoy some tunes and socialize after playing

Fat Cats a cover band? thats harsh... less than a third of their set is covers... for a while they weren't playing any covers at their shows (feels better when they play a few, acknowledge the roots and all)


see ya all tonight!!@&

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Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the Fatties. I've been watching them for seemingly 10 years now. And they have drowned me in covers before. I do like them, but I can't recall them ever blowing me away,..Going to a show and having my head twisted in circles because of thier fantastic approach or anything. B.Q. is new and completely different and absolutely unleashed. I'm sorry but I just don't see the Fat Cats in any parrallel with a band like this. I don't see the energy going downhill if the Fatties play first. I need my neurons tickled and Blue Quarter provide just the type of music and audible tools for such a task. They're jam rock at a new level. Change is good!

Myself I've played hunderds of shows and almost always the touring band is the headliner. Like I said, It's comradery, a local salute, if you will, to friends from elsewhere.


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