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Passport Guarantor ...HELP OTTAWA!


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So my boss is taking me to a conference in North Carolina come November. However, he heard that workers related to the passport office are going on strike Sept. 1st???

This means I have to get my passport info. in before then. However, only being in Ottawa a few months I don't know any Guarantor's.....

Do we know a Prof. Accountant, or any type of Guarantor that would sign for me????

Any suggestions????

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A guarantor has to know you for two years or more, apart from being among the group that is qualified. BradM is correct, though, that you can get a Statutory Declaration in Lieu of Guarantor. You have to get the prescribed form, however, from the passport office. It used to be available on their website, but they have changed the format of the Stat Dec. and I have been told that it no longer appears online. Once you get that, you have to go and swear it in front of a notary. (I swear these all the time, so I'm not just making this up.)

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