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Confirmed nero dates


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From neroland.com tourdates:

09/11/2004 - Sat - Harvest Celebration, Pulaski, NY

09/16/2004 - Thu - Scherzo, Kingston, ON  

09/17/2004 - Fri - Le Swimming, Montreal, QC

09/18/2004 - Sat - Maverick's, Ottawa, ON  

09/23/2004 - Thu - Trasheteria, Peterborough, ON

09/24/2004 - Fri - Pepperjack's, Hamilton, ON

09/25/2004 - Sat - The 360, Toronto, ON

09/30/2004 - Thu - Electric Company, Utica, NY

10/01/2004 - Fri - Sully's Pub, Hartford, CT

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Toronto & Steeltown for me I reckon.

I think I can make the 360 show.

Thanks for the post.

Perhaps some pre show drinks & Phish jokes before the show are in order Jaimoe,its been quite some time since we have.Plus,I guess I could grab my Gov't Mule DVD...LOL.

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I'll have to ask my girlfriend about the 360 date, but it looks like my schedule is clear for that weekend. Your Mule DVD looks great next to my copy.

A pre-drinks meet-up is a good idea. I'll bet TimmyB would be interested too. If we run out of Phish jokes, we could always move on to Uncle Seth or Blue Grassy High.

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