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totally hurtin'


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don't you hate it when someone tries to fu©k with your life because you won't do what they want you to so they threaten to wreck what you have?

i think that sucks,how about you? especially when all you want is to see that person honestly happy and just be their friend.

sorry about the whining but i feel really fu©ked up right now.honestly, it is making me wonder about everything i am doing now or have ever done in my life and i just want to lay down and sleep under my blankets and listen to the wind in the trees for the rest of forever.

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aw, bokonon - I'm sorry to read that you are so down.

try not to let the negative feelings beat you down. take a walk, watch the sunset. listen to some Bob Marley. if you feel so inclined to get something off your chest, feel free to PM me. I'll be around until 6-ish. I understand if you don't.

<<<<<< happy vibes for bokonon >>>>>>>

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I've had people try and beat me down....and yes it sucks. But we got one life to live....so say "fu©k you buddy", let them go, and move on. I've learned over the years to weed out the people who are negative in my life. And yes it hurts to lose a good friend....but people change, and you aren't here to be their punching back.

Life's not a dress rehearsal my friend. Take a day to be sad....but try and be happy and surround yourself with the positive.

Big hug and happy vibes sent your way!!!

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Just picture us making out again.

it's a good thing you're in c-town and i am in k-town or i would be in a lot of sh!t! :) my boyfriend and my girlfriend would probably be both even madder at me! :)

what is really going on is a friend of mine is misinterpreting my actions and motivations and thinks i want them, but really i just want who i got and i want them to be happy. i can't help it if i am a ginormous flirt and cute too! my other friends can tell when a hug is just a hug... etc.!

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let him do it. who gives a fu©k? is your current partner going to drop you because of some old mushy letters? i doubt it, and if so, you're probbaly better off because thats a pretty silly reason.

we all have a past. and im sure feelings are a part of everyones past, whether they came in the form of a letter, spoken words, or untold emotion. its something everyone is guilty of.

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old emails have the date on them so i find it puzziling that they would try and tell them they were from another time, when the recipient could just look at the top and see the date, and if you had been telling your boyfriend the truth about what had been going on with the other guy, then nothing in those letters should matter to him because it all be stuff he knew about

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especially the cute ones.

esau, i thought the appearance of others didnt matter to you? didnt you leave that in highschool? i guess, unless, it only matters, or matters more, if they are cute? ::

whoa! soup's boiling... gotta go stir that pot... ::

Before I can correctly answer your question,I need to know a couple things...


Please explain how my reference to a musicains appearence not effecting my enjoyment of the music they made/make (in the other thread) is relavent here.(thats what my comment was about,no?)


Did you read the entire thread?

Notice my comment ends with a wink and is a direct reference to bokonon's comment about her being cute.

Lastly,(although not a question),

I wish folks would get their references correct before trying to stir things up,it works better then.

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hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! oh boy... that was way too easy, even for you esau...

Then again,I did finish highschool years ago,leaving behind me those type of things...

i believe its "those type of things" that makes it more of a generalization about your character than a specific reference to music and enjoyment. in this instance you did not enjoy the way a friend was being treated, especially because she was cute. in other words, if she had not been cute you may have been less put off by it, no? so, its that generalization of those type of things that makes it relevant here, to me anyways. maybe not to you, and thats ok, too, im just answering your question.

and yes, i read the entire thread. [color:"purple"] notice how my comment ends in a smirky winky smile and is a direct reference to your comment about stirring the pot in the other thread? i cant believe i just had to explain that one...

and lastly, i just wish folks would remember and understand what they said in the first place.

:: :P;)

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To the guy with the spy-cam pointed at my window,

I think it's so cute that you have that little webcam peeking through the blinds into my kitchen. You must be one horny guy - it's ok, you can admit it - you're a frantic masturbator. How did I spot you? Come on, it's not that hard to spot a 3com webcam six feet from my window. Did you really think I wash the dishes in the nude just for my benefit? Because it's hot out, right? No sweetie, it's because the thought of you slapping yourself silly behind those blinds turns me on. And as a hardcore, life-long exhibitionist, turning you on is what turns me on. Did you really think my nipples get hard just washing the dishes?

Anyway, here's my proposition; my boyfriend (and one of my girlfriends) would really like to see the pictures your sneaking, and if truth be told (and we're telling it all here, aren't we?) so would I. If I give you an ftp address, could you send me the pictures? If you're streaming video, even better. I would love to post it on my website (a frantic masturbator like you must have found my website by now!)

You see, I have lots of great cameras, in fact you would probably bust a nut just to see the set-up I have in my apartment, much less the unbridled perversions that happen here on a nightly (and often daily) basis. But fate has decreed that your window face my kitchen. Still, I try to accomodate. Can you do the same for me? I need a good outside-looking-in shot, and I suspect your view is perfect.

And while we're on the subject, how about opening your blinds once in a while? I mean it's only neighborly, if you're shining your pole while watching me, to let me get a peek at you sometimes, right? I mean my blinds are drawn and the window is open. It's only fair that I should get to see you stroke that cock in a furious blur. Come on, you blur don't you? You can admit it.

Cause I would hate to have to do something that would scare you. I mean, you don't want me to come over there do you? Don't think I can't do it. I know where you live. And my other boyfriend's girlfriend is a locksmith (and she owes me big-time) so I could get in. Do you want that? Do you want to be handcuffed? I have handcuffs you know, I stole them from a cop. He tried to handcuff me and I kicked him in the balls and stole his handcuffs and his baton. You like batons? I got a good one. So why dont you open your blinds when you whack off and I won't have to come over there and humiliate you. You don't want to end up on my website do you? What would your mother think?

I expect your answer within 24 hours.

I can't believe you just read this. bellyrubs for all.

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