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Locked to the Rock


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So, I'd really like to get tickets to The Tragically Hip at Capitol Music Hall in October. The only way to get tix is to win them off the Bear. My office hovel is usually devoid of music which is great, but I moved my clock radio down here and put the Bears number on my speed dial. Now I'm listening to fm rock all day.

I'm going more insane.

If anybody somehow comes across tix to this show and think the Hip sucks, let me know.

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I keep turning it off when they do the 9 in a row thing, but I air-guitared some sweet moves to Bostons More Than A Feeling.

For the record, air guitar is way less fun now than it was before I played guitar. There's too much pressure to get it right.

"Somebody told me you had a boyfriend who looked like a girlfriend" is playing (over and over) right now. Ohhh, right into that song, you know, by that band.

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....if I had a million dollars...I'd buy your love....

man oh man...Magic100 is driving me nuts...but I'm bound and determined to win the $1000!

3:00 pm ...crack a beer...mmmmm.. I love my job! Who else gets to sit at their computer, bare feet...drinking beer

at my old job.. but now I have to act like an adult and wear big boy clothes (the sad thing is.. I do the same thing here.. just a more conservative environment)

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Sadly, you arrived in Ottawa too late ... the mid-80s was he real golden age of CHEZ, it had such an amazingly diverse range of music on it, I was exposed to all sorts of neat stuff thanks to CHEZ. Sadly, in the early 90s the officially jammed it's format as being "Classic Rock" and got rid of most of the really interesting DJs and it has been a pale shadow of its former glory since then.


Old guy

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