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Just finished updating my webpage with some festival pictures and thought those out there who have the time may want to take a look. These are large high-res files, so if you are still dial-up I would save yourself the pain. To get the pics go to the stock/documentary page on my site and click festivals. I want to say that I am a regular lurker on this sight to find out about upcoming shows and tasty bits of news on the scene. I just wanted to say thanks for the constant info. I've met a couple of you at diferent shows and hopefully will meet more as time goes by...hey, if we're walking the same street, sooner or later we will bump into each other..that's a given! Again, these are not performance shots, so no Trey, Bob or Moe., but what they are, or more what I hope they portray is the heart of the family that lives and breaths live homegrown music.

web page

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i really hope this is seen as constructive, and not negative.. because, truthfully, i like a lot of the sentiment in many of your photos, but i think they could come off better...

i found a fair bit of the black and white photos to be kinda flat in tone, and some of the colour images to be undersaturated, which could actually work in some cases.

compositionally, i think you're on the right track and you've got some good ideas, especially in the forefront, but, some shots could use a little more attention to detail.. for example, the photo that sugarmegs posted, yeah, its a nice moment, but the way you composed it, with the ceiling, it makes it look as though its on a slant. and not an obvious overly exaggerated slant. just a slant. putting it on more of a diagonal might do a little to make it a more dynamic shot, or straightening it up with some creative cropping in photoshop could simply remove that falling over feeling...

also, im not sure how you're saving the images for the web, but i see a lot of pixelation, and what looks like some falling apart from digitization... i often find the save for web feature in photoshop is useful to help keep images cleaner and smaller in file size.

hope some of this helps, and like i said, hope i didnt come off like an ass... the sentiment in your photos is really great, and i think that's just as, if not more, important than anything else i mentioned.

thanks for sharing.

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WOW, those pictures are BREATHTAKING!!!!!!!!!! holy crap, i totally got goosebumps from so many of those! you are truly talented, those are some of the best pictures i've seen in a long while.

as for that wedding picture sugarmegs posted, i like the slant. espeically since the little kid seems to be totally straight up.

and holy crap, what a GREAT idea if you're taking your kids to a festival!!!! -- check this picture out, the little boy has a phone number written on his chest in big black marker in case he get lost!!! here's the link (the picture is too huge to post right here)

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you a amazing artist!

Don't mind Karin....she's from the states :P She's trying to tell you she likes your photos :) (and they are AMAZING)

PS - Karin, unfortunately no Hookah for us on Friday....but if you feel like coming Can-side, we'll be at the Harvard Mouse/Diesel Dog show on Friday in Kitchener, and BNB on Saturday in Hamilton then off to the East right after. Hope to do it up just right - that way I can sleep the whole way.....Mud LOVES that ::

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Just wanted to say thanks for all the good vibes. Scott, thanks for taking the time for the critical. It is much appreciated. I am aware about the pixilation on some of my portrait/wedding stuff. I did that in the infancy of my Photoshop experience. A little too much sharpen tool!! I plan on fixing that issue. As far as flatness, using a cheap scanner for my website is not the answer. I am in the market for an Epson4870, so that should be resolved. Great pics on your site...thanks again. Hope everyone is well and see you soon!! Peace!

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