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I'm gearing up a review of their new live CD... it's smokin'

I'm very excited about the show.. I am also very excited to see James Bryan... aside from being in the Philosopher Kings, he is a producer and studio musician... he told me that he played on the Nelly Furtado albums and a host of other Canadian projects... He met up with me and Marky at a show at the El Mo on Sept.4th, and he was telling us about his new act and the new direction he's going in.. and then presto.. he's the openning act for SOULIVE... NICE work Marky see ya there!

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yeah willy i will be there, i will either be at the door or you can ask the person at the door for me and they will be able to point me out hopefully through a CROWD OF PEOPLE!!! Soulive is travelling as a 5 peice this tour. Two horns with them, it should be awesome. James Bryan is also amazing, it is the former guitarist from philosopher kings, really cool sh!t....

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