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My Slip thoughts....


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Ok,I've tried a review a few times and just can't get it down.What can I say about the shows that really hasn't already been said.The Slip kicked ass,I loved it.Hamilton & Montreal,wow,makes me regret missing the Toronto show thats for sure.Moonlight Mile in Hamilton was my favourite song of the two nights,also got a tease of it in Montreal (remember me saying that Booche?)Anyway,Thanks Slip for the kind music.Now,I guess here's some thoughts about some of the cast in this weekend of theater/music/dancin'/partyin' & general craziness...

It was great to finally really meet Country Cowboy and having the pleasure of chillin with him for the last leg of the three day Slip bash,definatly one solid brother,makes me shake my head thinking about the stupid sh!t we have gone back and forth about with each other.Just shows me how ass backwards the internet really is,man,it would have been a blast to tour GD with you,solid folk.Cheers and again thanks for driving.Huge thank you to moose for allowing Country Cowboy,Fari Sari,Alexis & myself use of Whitey to get us to the shows,next time we cross paths bowls & beers on me.

Equally a pleasure was also finally meeting Freeker by the Speaker,felt like I had know you for years Trev,just blew me away.We definatley have to party again.At one point on friday I was thinking,"what the fu©k was wrong with us"? Suddenly alot of things made sense and were right and a whole bunch of other sh!t was just that and didn't make sense anymore,perfect.The rest my friend,I'll PM ya about.Cheers.

ps.Stapes,yeah yeah,you told me so my friend,couldn't be more happy knowing I was wrong.Thanks.

Alexis & Sari,it was great chillin' with you girls for the weekend,kept me laughing throughout.Especially getting into Quebec... ;) Thanks for the awesome company.

Bradm,not sure how it happens my friend but everytime we cross paths,aside from nero/Drums & Tuba,but both times at the Slip you seem to be the guy whose floor I pass out on,not sure who that happend Brad,but I hope I didn't snore like I did in Montreal '01.Much thanks though for the space and tolerating with my drunkeness.I owe you some beers next time.

Booche & Douglas,great to be able to spent some time with you both,I'm really looking forward to partying with ya'll again soon.I remember my fungus was at its peak and standing with Booche near the pool table trying to figure out what you were showing me in your camera then remembering that seconds before you took a picture of us...too much.

ahess - we got to party somtime was great finally meeting ya,next time I hope we get some more time to talk.

Bouche & Ms.Hux,I do believe I have a visual of us walking to the econo lodge after the show together,staggering and laughing,two of my favourite things,great to see ya both.

So many people,man,I can't remember everyone I met,I know I met at least two lurkers,who knew who I was...(go figure) but as par for course,I foregt who ya are on here,I know we were talking Dylan at PJC upstairs and contact info,so send me a message.Cheers.

Del,get in touch man.

Well thats all I got at the time,my apologys to those I know I have not mentioned(remind me please),what a great weekend.

Thanks all.

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my Slip thoughts.....jeeebus, where to begin !?

the Hamilton show was incredible

to be surrounded by so many good people, who are SOOO into this band was a beautiful thing.

at the end of the evening when Brad started singing suffocation keep my entire body shuddered with emotion.

i could feel the tears of elation overwhelming me, and at first tried to hide my head and face so no one would notice what an emotional wreck i was.

but then i got one of those...who gives a fu©k feelings and just let the tears flow.

i was crying like a baby and it was one of the most powerful, emotional, musical experiences for me EVER !

i can't wait for the next time The Slip boys venture north again for more of their beautiful, musical magic

thanks for not complaining (Esau, Alexis & Sari) when i slipped in my George Strait cd when no one was looking ;)

actually, i'm pretty sure Esau was tapping along to The Fireman song !

anyway, i'm really happy to get to know more of you on a personal level.

i totally agree with you Greg that the internet and this board don't always give a good representation of who we really are.

i also completely agree with you about freaker by the speaker...i remember chatting with Trevor outside of Cafe Campus and thinking that i've known this guy forever (although we had just met the previous evening)...great energy on that fella

The Slip rule :)

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I had two non-musical highlights of the weekend and meeting you Esau was definetly one of them. I totally agree with your statement I felt I had known you all along when I met you and it great to finally put a face to the name, it Made my weekend for sure! Had a blast raging with you in Hamilton, we put that entire hotel to bed and we didn't even have a room to party in. Motreal was awesome too, That Econo Lodge must rue the day they ever rented rooms to us and our kind. Now when are you making your way up to Ottawa? 40 Main brah!!

Big Thanks to everyone in So. Ontario who made my anagural visit such a huge success not to mention one hell of a party. So great to see all those faces who I haven't seen in so long (far too many to name) and all those people I met for the first time (also too many to name, though I gotta say everyone named Scott this weekend turned out to be solid gold...Great to meet you Bones!!!). You guys have a great scene down there and it look forward to losing my sh!t on PJC's dance floor and on that sick patio again real soon, great spot you have there Ken.

Big thanks go out to Alexis and Sari for keeping me off the streets of T.O. what a great house you have, you know the deal ladies 40 Main is all yours when you're in town, come up soon. Thanks to Velvet and the rest of the car crew for getting me from A to B and keeping me sane in between. Thanks to the non existent staff of the Admiral for letting us rage with reckless abandon, bit of a Pterodactylus problem but a great hotel regardless. Thanks to our old friend the Econolodge for just giving up and letting us go, a wise move, though a part of me missed "the chase". Thanks Bradm for giving the refugees a place to wait out the dawn and trip balls. Thanks to Del and Sloth for being my "no sleep rage till dawn eat anything that comes by" partner, 72 hours of debauchery I think we're better for it... Skrittle Dee. Thanks to the Ottawa fam for coming out full force in MTL it help rejeuvenate me. Twas a little dissapointed in the raging skills of Otown (not talking about the regulars here)seemed to be hard to find the party late late night...Leave it to the So. Ont. peeps to provide, hardcore. Thanks to Stapes for facilitating my two favorite non-musical moments. You're my boy blue and you got my back like no one else.

AND THANK YOU BRAD, MARC & ANDREW. Not only for one of the best weekends of music in recent memory, but also for reminding me in these troubled times that there IS still something to look forward to, there IS still a reason to hop in a car and drive 2-10 hours, that there IS still great, original, evolving, beautiful music being made on this planet. THANK YOU SLIP!!!


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Thanks to the Ottawa fam for coming out full force in MTL it help rejeuvenate me. Twas a little dissapointed in the raging skills of Otown (not talking about the regulars here)

It certainly was nice to have the most of the Ottawa fam there!! I looked around our room at pre-party and had the biggest warm fuzzy inside! Go Team Ottawa!

Dissapointed in the raging skills?! Hmmmm...i was up until 6AM. Sense I don't don't "endulge hard" anymore..it's hard to make it past then! I think we were just all scattered about Freeker! (although I am originally a S.Ont kid! :P)

Esau it was great to see you again! I know we only ever meet briefly...my mushies had me flying everywhere. Sorry I didn't get to meet Countrycowboy!

I had an AWESOME TIME! I can't wait till I can see the slip again!

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No problens with here with Mr.Straight Country Cowboy,and yep,I was tapping my foot along with it.Cause hey,country music is only yuppie bluegrass right? ;)

who was in charge of that staggery walk anyway? did we all just manage to find the econolodge without any effort?

Bouche,I'm pretty sure I knew the way.I think...

I don't recall the details but I remeber alot of laughing and staggering.Cheers

Freaker,cheers buddy.I figure its now way past due I make it to Ottawa.Last thing I recall was sitting in the stairwell of the hotel,next thing was waking up on the floor in BradM's room.Glad to hear I somehow made it to the end...

Sunshine,hahaha,we actually had a good chat,and yes,it was great to see ya again.Been since you were last in Hamilton I believe,much too long.

Cheers folks.

ps. Jeff & Vicki,my apologys for locking ya out of the room,I really have no memory of how I even ended up in the room to begin with,by the sounds of it,I never even bidged when ya came knockin for your gear,Country Cowboy felt the blunt of that one,when I pass out,its for good.Great to party with you two again,as always nothing but great times.

See you guys soon.


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Heahea, Crazy night for us.... Can't wait to meet up with the Ottowa Folk again and get too gettin to know ;).There were so many of ya! I wish I had a concentration of friends like that In my town to tour with all at once, HEAVY! This round I was a little too quiet and out of the way{(shy)teehee}, but next time I'll be sure to make my rounds. Here's To friendy faces in different places, CHEERS!

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