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not sure if anyone gives a sh!t about baseball


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But nonetheless, something special is happening.... as one writer put it, we are either witnessing the greatest comeback in sports history, or the Boston Redsox have found a new way to torture their fans!

anyhow, I recommend watching it either way, because its the ultimate underdog vs. the evil empire story. Go Sox! Imagine being cursed by trading the greatest ballplayer ever in 1918, and not winning the championship for 86 years and counting!

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Do you guys realize that if Houston and Boston wins, we will have Kerry from Mass. going against Bush from Texas!! echoing the (potential) World Series showdown?

This could be huge - Kerry/Redsox '04!!!!!!!!!!

(watch it be NY/St.L)

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i just wanna take a second and give some love to curt schilling... i've loved this guy since his days in philly, talk about tenacity... 7 strong shutout innings, 4 hits allowed, what more could you ask for? with a bloody fu©ked up ankle, no less. gutsy. he did what he came to do: beat the yanks and give the sox a chance. way to go, curt.

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