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Xavier Rudd Canadian Tourdates

balogna pogna

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AD actually runs Xavier's Canadian Fanclub, for eager male fans (sorry ladies).

I think the site is xaviersstuds.ca ?

jokin aside though, hes a majorly talented dude! (and cute)

Yeah well after your fanclub (teenie-penises.com) went belly-up I had to move on to something....


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I've only seen Xavier Rudd, once, in Buffalo, NY. It was at moe. "show" that also featured Galactic, nero and Xavier... I thought he had a good sound, but his songs are too much in the style of DMB, Ben Harper, Jack Johnson, etc... ie. for the ladies... I thought he should jam his songs out more and concentrate less on lyrics... It seemed like every time he had a good groove going the song would end. But, for $17.50, and since Ottawa doesn't get that many "name" acts coming through here, I'll probably go...

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yeah i have seen xav a bunch of times whictler, roo, toronto, i must say that the ROO was by far the best, just crazy energy. I will be very interested to see how the jump from the show to the phoenix pays off. Ithink for him to really succeed he will have to vary his show cause after a while it does all sound the same!!

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I've seen him a couple times as well. I was at the show in toronto, and there were a LOT of people turned away. there were sooo many people inside. i'd garuntee that the horseshoe was over capacity. it was so full that i didn't see 6 or 7 different friends whom i was looking for, and i mean come on, how do you NOT see 6 different people in the HORSESHOE in an ENTIRE night??

The vibe was incredible. it was a super super fun show. I can't wait to see him with enough room to dance and not feeling the fear of i'll never get back if i get a drink. i have no doubt that they'll make their money back at the pheonix.

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