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Brad Barr 2005-01-17 Setlist


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Brad Barr


Matt Murphy's Pub

Brookline, MA

Set One:

74 *

Sometimes Wine

Wonderful World (inst) [Not Louis Armstrongs]

"fingerstyle" (inst)

"Life in Disguise"

"Tangled Up in Blue" * [Not Bob Dylan]

"Ten Long Years" *

Set Two:

Suffocation Keep *

Sometimes True to Nothing *

Lonely Boy *

Paper Birds *

Before You Were Born *

Lemonade *

The Woods *


If One Of Us Should Fall *^

E: "2:20AM Hoedown"

* with Andrew Barr on percussion (or little organ)

^ with Matt Rudnicki on vocals

"" Tunes I have no name for..

Wow! :: ::

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part of me is really dying to check out his solo show in burlington, vt. on the 29th....

man, if the fu©kin rheos werent doing the group of 7 thing.... bastards!

Yeah the Rheos and the Burties better put on some sickness for us, I am so tempted to hit Burlington for that Brad show... I mean, it's not every day you have a chance to see Brad Barr play a solo gig this close... (And I still have yet to see a VT show since I moved to Ottawa...). I'm still going to the Rheos/Burt, but a small part of me will wish I was in Vermont...

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Sorry about the buzz-harshing guys, but when travelling to foreign lands, it's usually better to be realistic than fanciful.

And you will see (a) Brad that night, and you'll be at a bar, if that helps...no, it probably doesn't...


BRAD (Buzzes Radically Attenuated by Directions)

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yes...I too would enjoy to see Brad Barr play a solo show. I have to give it up for those slip boy's, the more I listen to them the more beautiful their music becomes. But on the bright side a night of the Rheos...and BNB isn't to bad is it? It'll be good to see my lovely friends in Ottawa! I think we are going to try to get up there early to see the rheos play. Mikey "Flip-a-sandwich"

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