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The Chappelle Theory


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how does it seem legit? It's just a bunch of pages of heresay with absolutely no evidence.

It's a pretty interesting story that borrows elements from many movies....like that one with Sandra Bullock where here identity is erased. I'd love to see the scene where Oprah is hovering over Dave's bed threatening him in the middle of the night.

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I read the whole thing and I think there are a few things to consider.

1st. Even if this story is far=fetched and heresay, someone felt so strongly about it, that they took the time and effort to create a whole site devoted to it. If it was a total fabrication, I doubt that much time would be invested.

2. I do agree with booche the whole Oprah sending a private feed to Chapelle's house is quite improbable.

3. Even if 1/3 of this is true it's scary as hell.

4. The thing about Malcolm X being assainated by way of Louis Farakan is true. I have several balck muslim friends in the US who totally beleive this and hate Farakan.

5. This is not the first time I have heard of the "Dark Avengers" or whatever he called them in this article. I have heard my muslim and non-muslim friends in the US speak of this loose knit organization before. They have been know to form with different members to silence whatt hey feel is problematic in the black community. There are those who beleive that Richard Pryor was approached by them as well as Eddie Murphy.

Also about the comedy central not paying egnough thing. Whatever! They were paying Chapelle 50 million for two years. I tyhink that's certainly egnough.

I'm not saying this is true but it could be possible.


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Mentioning eddie murphy freaks me out. Mainly because I always thought that someone directed his career and he was forced to do utter crap around that prostitute fiasco. I always felt that there was someone controlling his career.

Richard Pryor was brought up today, and now you gotta wonder if he was GIVEN his disability.

my conspiracy reply is now over.

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I loved that website, but it seemed clear from the get-go that it was a joke. Subtle comedy, maybe. And not quite Chappelle quality comedy, okay. But quite obviously comedy nonetheless ...

I don't think that the author actually intended for anyone to think that (s)he was serious .... ??

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I went to the site today and at the end it says that the Chapelle Theory is going to be made into a movie.

It says it will be released in spring 2006, and is written by Neal Berman (Chapelle show head writer) and wil star Charlie Murphy.

It doesn't look like a comedy either.

That is certainly a weird twist. I wonder what Dave thinks about all this?

Stay tuned.........

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