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I wanted to create a Slip forum a while ago. I think we have a great potential to build a solid Slip community starting with the Slip fan base right here. However, I didn't want to do that without knowing that there would be support for it.

I was worried I'd see Velvet post "Why can't we keep things in ONE place?" again. So I held off.

It seems that there are enough people passionate about the Slip right here that the creation of the forum makes sense. hell, even Velvet is for it!

I'd rather not see Slip fans feel rejected or picked on just for expressing their love and enjoyment of a band in their lives so instead of watching them go elseswhere, I created a The Slip forum under a new category titled "Artists"

How do you get to it? Type in...

theslip.jambands.ca in your browser.

I'm in the process of moving as many Slip related topics that I can. Please direct all Slip related news, comments, reviews, setlists to that forum.

I'll ask the moderators to help me move anything into the Slip forum that should go there.

I will extend invitations to any slow moving Slip forums to join us, and I hope you guys can do the same. Together, we can build a fantastic board for The Slip community.

In the future, if there are other bands that are causing enough posts to warrant a break-out from the general nature of the Cavern, I'll do the same there.

Also, over the next few weeks, I will be taking the site out of BETA (upgrades again!) and I will work on creating another quick navigation option so that folks can jump to other forums (like reviews, the slip, photos, etc)

Thanks for keeping the board alive, active and sharing the site with your friends and family. There are a lot of good people and music lovers that would probably love to meet each and everyone of you at a show somewhere in the future.

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Not like this, but there are enough Slip fans out there to keep it going, with a little effort. As long as they're playing and touring, there's something to talk about.

It takes more than one to keep conversation alive, so I hope people that want to talk about the slip and know people that want to talk about the slip will play in there.

I've got a few things concerning the Slip on guitar that I'd like to banter with Dave-O about.

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that brought out a number of devil-horn hand gestures.

Well' date=' I dont know what a number means outside of myself Guigs and Zero.............[/quote']

That's more than one, so a "number" applies in my books. I'll guarantee that you'll see me bring out some devil horns tonight... and it may be even during a ballad.

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we dont need a slip forum. seriously.

there's a perfectly good slip community here that could use some more canadian infiltration.

I read and talked to a few people about 'creating a slip forum' and did it. I didn't see anyone chime in on the suggestion that there shouldn't be one, until I put in the effort and got ollie's help to move posts.

we now have a slip forum that could use some slip fan infiltration. it'll be worth it with a tiny bit of effort.

So PLEASE just help keep it going now. I don't have enough time to go back and forth on simple stuff like this. it's just a forum. It's just a place to post in.

Sliplive has a few people that I'd love to see posting here anyway so let's encourage them to share some of their contributions. You myself, and a couple of others post here and there regularly and I don't see that changing.

I also recall the fact that they don't have a big server and never wanted the forum to get big. There was even a topic a while back about leaving the link to the board hidden so people wouldn't start showing up.

I've invested time and money in making sure we have a kick-ass server here that can scale and there is no reason not to push the shit out of it and get some more dedicated forums going. Cowboy Up buddy.

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