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Did I just invent a new conspiracy? Re: spam


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So I was just thinking about the new style of spam that's going around. It's mostly gibberish, words strung together with a random word generator. And there is tons of it!!! [color:gray](as an aside, if random generators around the world seem to be picking up on global events, could emails created with words from random generators show similar patterns? That's another post...)

There is so much spam out there and so much if it doesn't make any sense. I'm thinking we now need further categories to sub-divide the types of spam, and their intended purpose(s). Obviously one of the main purposes of spam is to try and sell products, then there is a lot that is aimed to deliver any number of types of malware, virus, worm, trojan or tracking device...

Now what I'm getting at... Could there be a whole other intent of spam that we haven't even noticed? I wonder if perhaps someone out there is making a conscious and deliberate effort to try and ruin email. Email was such a huge leap in communication at a global level. Perhaps in the eyes of certain world powers we can communicate and share ideas all far too easily now. I can think of a few reasons some people may see this as a bad thing and a loss of control over the masses. Big Brother would not approve of email one bit.

Just some thoughts...

As an aside, don't forget the US government essentially created the internet, and basically owns the backbone of the whole thing. Essentially the US government has access to the largest collection of information there has ever been, ever! Crazy thought.

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now think about THAT and then think about my bloated, self-serving posts juxtaposed with the morsels of relevance...and the parties I've gone to and the things I do and the job I have and the fact that I'm far far away...and that Hux has come out here twice on political business...

...and then you'll think I'm onto something and it would be the beginning of a great made for TV movie about a disc golfer gone mad.

you'd give disc golfers a really bad name and who'd have ever thought about writing about that and THAT would then be a cause for alarm for the new anti spam bots we would have to create to block unwanted advertising from getting to us.


I have a strange craving for watermelon slim and the worker right now...


somebody get that to Tom Robbins.

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