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Skank Exchange for last year!! people who got /sent nothing


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hey all, this is about the skank exchange last year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

some of you may of sent gifts already (your name has been included as aat some point in the past it was noted your gift had not been recieved),..but if NOT this applies to you.

it is up to you to contact the person for an uptodate shipping address and send it out!

person who didnt send gift/ person who got nothing

mr slippery/AD

stapes/dancingbear (i know you had it at some pt)


alexis/mr slippery


howler/freaker by the speaker




so i now say goodbye and happy holidays.


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I think you need to add Freekerbythespeeker/Fairysari to that list. Studog never got his gift from me either, but I did send it... it just got lost on the skank pony express... but I'll happily send another.

Yep, Canada Post screwed me/Esau as well as he had a nice autographed limited CD sent to him which he obviously didn't receive...lucky I know the "artist" ;) so I can get another one signed and will send with insurance this time 'round...

Sorry 'bout this Esau!!! :crazy:

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Sorry Sari for never sending your gift. I had it done before Xmas last year, but kept forgetting, then it was trapped at my ex's house for almost a year, since its been back here I meant to give it to people heading your way many times but fucking always kept forgetting. I am sorry, it seems I'm way too much of a burnout to participate in things like this. Any chance you're coming up for nero? If not I'll mail it out right away.

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