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I'm really sad today


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Im in front of a computer. Waiting for my parents to pick me up. A girls mix from Denver, who is 24 is playing on Imeem.com - she put Feists intuition on it which is great - the whole mix is agodsend. Poppas in Hong Kong. Youre there Im here. Laras from south africa. I miss my peers is all.

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Well, this straight sucks. I came Home to be with my Family. Instead now my family I guess is going to send me to a safe house to be with strangers. I have basically no home, no family and am always homeless. I just want to go Home.

Thanks for being such a great group of friends and buy me a steak sometime.

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If I were in Toronto, or if you were in Ottawa, I'd invite you in/out for a shared warm beverage, zero. I'm concerned for you, and it sounds like I'm not alone; I hope you're able to cope with what's going on and get back to happiness. If there's anything I can do to help, let me know.



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Luke I offered to meet up with you the other day bro.

I cant put people up in my house but I can be company for someone in need.

When you find your way back to Guelph, email me and I'll come by with that cocoa of which you speak and a swift kick in the addiction ass if need be.

Much respect,


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