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Hamilton Question


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briguy is likely correct with that info

thought I'd mention that if you end up on the east mountain for some reason, would recommend Mountaincable for internet, cable, digital phone (combined comes to about $100/month)... its actually rated one of the best cable companies in north america and have been nothing but pleased

that said, east mountain generally isn't really most people's first choice of locale when moving to hamilton... not a bad area or anything... middle range suburbia, not lots of culture in the area

edit: great minds think

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Doesn't it depend where you live in Hamilton? I think Mountain Cable covers the area on the Escarpment.

You also have - southmount, source and mountian, aside from cogeco and bell all on the mountian now-a-days.

Source offers the best speeds for what its worth. But this is pointless since mango is moving no-where near this area anyway..

So, welcome to the hammer mango - what better way to meet some of the steeltown folks of this board then a well deserved show at PJC some night.

Cheers and I look forward to makin' your acquaintance.

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