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LOSE YER SHOES!! Aug.3-5/2007


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Thought I would let everyone know that Brother Tom has set the scene for the next LYS folkadelic festival. It will be held at the Oro Campground in Orilia,ON during the August long weekend.

I think this is a great idea mostly cause it's more central and the long weekend will really give us that "on vacation" feeling.

I know that Caution Jam will be playing, and I'm sure there will be other familiar acts from the past.. I have no idea what has been confirmed these things usually take time.

Anyways theres another date for the calenadar..

Later Daze!!

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C.J. or anyone else;

Do you have contact info for the person putting this on? ("Brother Tom" I assume)

yep Tom is the man,, this is the only website i know of...


have we met Babsby?? i don't know alot of the folks on the board.. well i do,, but not by everybodys handle..

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too funny! I fully had a LYS miracle - on saturday all these people (organizers, friends of) were helping me...with presure points, massage...everyone said i would be out of commision for a few days. I ended up drinking myself numb and dancing the night anyway. i did this fully expecting to make things worse but I actually woke up on sunday feeling much better. Not perfect but at least i was still able to drive myself home.

It was a wicked festival last year and was the only one that didn't get rain. (may24, shorline and moedown were all soakers!)

edit; i had to look up gait...


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