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Kae Sun (w/WTTS) - Showcase at CMW - THR w/Slowcoaster, CCCC


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If anyone is in Toronto, we could really use your support. Kae Sun (backed by WTTS) has been a late add on to Canadian Music Week and we are performing at The Kathedral on THR Mar 8. Our timeslot is late, as we will be the last band to showcase. If you can make it out or plan on attending CMW, please support this. Slowcoaster, Chris Colepaugh and the Cosmic Crew and The Jolly Llamas join us.


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Sparsely populated but a good time nonetheless.

SlowCo ripeed it up.

The Jolly Llamas were on the bill too. Great dub/ska band fromt eh K/W.

They'll be at the Fox and Fiddle for the Go! fest on Saturday with WTTS as well.

Good to play some hip hop again. Kae is really coming along as a vocalist. You can here his recent work in the studio paying off already.

William Schiestel was up in the bitch too.....niiiice.


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