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Heading Into Orbit


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Well, as it's Reading Week I have a night off to take in some Sisters...and to fix my withdrawl symptoms...HOW I MISS MY ORBIT MONDAYS!!!

So I was inspired to update our site with Kevin & The Sisters covering Steve Earl's "I Ain't Ever Satisfied" with Kevin crooning to us lucky folk from the last show before Christmas...

Just follow this link, click on the banner for David Drage and click on the pic of the Sisters for this gem though Kevin'll probably put my balls in a vice for uploading this one but it's great to hear him sing...

I Ain't Ever Satisfied


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Hey Ollie,

Good to read your note...I've been so busy this year...teaching & our audio company has been doing quite a few animation productions...worked my ass into insanity this past fall up until Christmas and then it was recovery time from severe stress...lotsa rum'n'eggnog'n'coke'n'whatever to help ease my mind back into a safe place ;)!!!

Wish I could've made it up to O-Town for the Nero weekend but my weekends are spent getting ready for my classes and laundry...looking forward to end of April for a bit of downtime and hopefully catch a show with some familiar faces...

Yeah, I love hearing Kevin sing as well...he puts his heart into it without question!!!

Be well!!!

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looking forward to end of April for a bit of downtime and hopefully catch a show with some familiar faces...

I think there'll be some people coming down from Ottawa for Umphrey's McGee on Tuesday, April 17, and I'm sure some of those (including me) will be at The Orbit Room the night before for Sisters Euclid. Any chance you could be there? (I'll have my big rig, and plan on recording both SE and UM.)



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Really wish I could catch UM and see some O-Town faces but that'll be the last classes before I give my 2nd Semester Exam which means my ass'll be in London :(

ahhh Phorbesie how you make me laugh so ;) ...I miss posting and uploading tunes from Monday night...gawd those where great memories and it's my long-term goal to compile a disc of "Breit Anecdotes" as those are priceless...

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COP can you get Kevin to guest list me I want to come down big time. Stranded in TO.

All time best Kevin anecdote the Garth Hudson imitation about the 'retarded' kid that used to go see them at Le Coq D'Or.

Ummm, not sure about yer question there Zero...if you know Kevin then ask him about the list thing...if yer stranded in TO then you're in the right place as that's where the Orbit is...but you know that...

So cough up the $6 and have one less beer... ;) Faith Cola or Tumbleweed is worth that alone...

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