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Interesting Toronto Island Anomaly


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you weren't supposed to see that. you should probably trash the computer and start running...

as a side note, i'm speaking tomorrow night to the Canadian Institute of Geomatics in Ottawa about Google Earth and its external hooks that are revolutionizing the 'mapping' experience. Tickets are $15 and it's at the air force mess hall on Gloucester Street. I think it's almost sold out too.


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sounds cool AD, break a leg!

also on Google, you can now see part of the Prince Wind Farm near Sault Ste. Marie. only a fraction of the area is up to date with current imagery... perhaps you (AD) know what the lag time is between now and google imagery.

wrt the topic at hand, it looks like a dredged area for shipping or something... but, is there a dock on that side of the island?

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