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Happy Stephen Colbert Day in Oshawa!


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This isnt going to be a big story because nobody pays any attention to anything in Oshawa except GM and our exhorbatent(sp) taxes. Maybe Colbert can help us with the 6.6% they just added on to us to put Oshawa's taxes to the highest rate in the GTA by a huge amount. They do have this new bullshit arena to pay for though so we can have these stupid Colbert Days and the like.

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Countdown to Colbert Day

Music, comedy, hockey, look-a-like contest planned for festival

Mar 8, 2007

OSHAWA -- Oshawa, get ready for a major Colbert affair.

On Tuesday, March 20, the City will hold up its end of Mayor John Gray's widely publicized bet with late-night comedian Stephen Colbert, by hosting the "Grin and Bear It" Stephen Colbert Day festival.

March 20 became a big day on the Oshawa calendar after the mayor lost a bet that the Oshawa Generals would defeat Colbert's favourite OHL team, the Saginaw Spirit, on Jan. 26.

If the Generals won, the TV satirist would have had to wear an Oshawa jersey on his show, The Colbert Report. If the Generals lost, Oshawa would declare March 20, Mayor Gray's birthday, "Stephen Colbert Day."

The festival gets underway at 7 p.m. with the grand opening of Prospects Bar and Grill, the arena's new two-storey restaurant, followed by opening ceremonies featuring guest emcee Tom Hayes of CTV News and local personalities from Rogers Television and KX96 FM.

Other highlights include live music from Two for the Show, comedian Darrin Rows and a hockey challenge between the Oshawa Generals and the Saginaw Spirit.

All guests will receive free Dr. Pepper and the first 4,000 people will also get free cake.

"We have lots of special surprises planned for this great community event and we are very much looking forward to The Colbert Report's involvement in the festivities," said Mayor Gray.

The winner of the Colbert Look-a-Like Contest, hosted by the Comedy Network, will also be unveiled at the festival.

The Comedy Network recently launched a search for the person who bears the closest real or imagined resemblance to the faux right-wing news show host.

"The word for March 20 is "wannabe," said Brent Haynes, director of programming for the Comedy Network. "There are two kinds of people in this world; those that are Stephen Colbert and those that wannabe Stephen Colbert. Most people fall into the second category. So here's a chance for all the wannabe Colbert's to step up."

To enter, Canadians 18 years of age and older are invited to submit clips of themselves impersonating Stephen Colbert to YouTube.com and then enter the contest at www.thecomedynetwork.ca.

A panel of judges will select five semi-finalists from across Canada to face off in-person at the Grin and Bear It Festival.

The "look-a-like" with the loudest crowd cheer will be named the winner.

The contest closes on Tuesday, March 13. For more information and for full contest rules visit www.thecomedynetwork.ca.

Tickets for the Grin and Bear it Festival are $5 and are available at the General Motors Centre or Ticketmaster outlets. All proceeds will go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada.

For updated Stephen Colbert Day event information call 905-436-5686, send an e-mail to colbert@oshawa.ca or visit www.oshawa.ca/colbert.

Colbert Day partners include Rogers Television, CKDO, KX96, 94.9 The Rock, Metroland Durham Region Media Group, The Comedy Network, Dr. Pepper, Downtown Oshawa, Blueline Taxi, Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, the Oshawa Generals and the Saginaw Spirit.

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Willie Nelson is on tonight...

"He has more Cannabis in his system than a Rastafari with Glaucoma"

His show was incredible last night (for Colbert)... the word was all about Prisoners donating organs for reduced jail time...

"It's like the Death Penalty with instalments"

"They should just take an organ for each crime. Petty Theft: Pint of Blood; Armed Robbery: We take a Kidney; Muder: We take your lungs"...

He's going to get up in Willie's gril about his new Ben and Jerry's Georgie Peach Ice Cream and try to push Stephen Colberts Americone Dream.


Anyone see Tom Arnold on Conan last night!?! He was messed up... BIG TIME... white lightning I guess... even pointed out about how doing drugs was really bad and not to do it, then recalled a story about going to Las Vegas with the Governator, and getting him to hallucinate by giving him too many niccorettes. It was "Crispin Glover" worthy, but I cannot find a clip of it anywhere yet. Stay tuned!...

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