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Happy World Water Day


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a profould irony of this map is what people are paying for water. not having really scrutinized my water bill in a while, my prices might be out of whack, but i think that halton hills charges me $0.010 per m3.

i would guess that lots of the pink and green areas are paying significantly more, particularly where big companies (cough cough vivendi) have set up pay as you go taps in the centre of otherwise unserviced areas.

some books on water :

"Water Wars" by Vandana Shiva


"Blue Gold" by Maude Barlow and Tony Clarke


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I would of, but my 4 (er um, 6) years of Honors Geography makes me know better. And how not to spell or grammer. Where AD gets it, I'll never know... it was like he was raised by an English teacher or something. That would make sense... I was raised by bankers.

Hey AD, what was our cartography professors name agan... Chris XXXX (king?) or something.

I actually put in a sea dragon into lake ontario or something, and she was not impressed. Deep down though I think I rocked her world.

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Christine Earl - I saw her the other day, she attended a presentation I was giving to a geomatics group. She seems well, she's still teaching. She hated me.

Sea dragons belong on maps, IMHO. Magellan did it, why can't you or I??

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That's such an odd picture on so many levels :) .

Yeah, AD, I'm not totally convinced about the usefulness of that map, but I wanted to throw a picture up, and waffled between one of a glass of water and one I found from the UN, which is who's behind the link I'd also put up, and opted for the latter. You're absolutely right, though - geography is a huge piece of the complex puzzle.

I think it does say something, though, about how the UN has to deal with the problems - piecemeal, by way of the geographic boundaries of its constituent nations; it has no more influence than that in terms of policy. Thailand and China seem, from the map, to be interesting extremes that way.

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