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Attention Ottawa Scanks


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It was a sad day in Mary-land not heading to moe.down this past weekend. I trust you all partied hard and represented well this fine country of ours (it sounds like you did!)

To make up for this lost weekend of nero-fied debauchery, I believe my plan is to head down for the Blue 1/4 and nero show this Saturday avec le Punk.

Hope to see you all for a party!!! Has that Jaeger pump been bought yet?!

[big Grin]

btw - Dr.Hux, can you let Rick and Nicole know that I'll be coming to town? I can't find Rick's new ###. Thanks!

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yeeehaw Mary!

Even Vermont Dave is heading to Ottawa for the show!

Don't worry about moe.down, you didn't miss anything. It rained the whole weekend, and they had to cancel most of the sets. Nero's bus broke down, and they were stuck in Schenectady, NY. When the sun finally broke out on sunday, someone had forgotten to bring an extra power bar, so Al couldn't even plug in the Korg!

I think that's what happened...it's a bit fuzzy.

See you saturday!

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there's room in MY car if anyone wants to leave friday.

pretty girls get shotgun duty.

and don't try to pull the 'he's a nice guy and won't say i'm not pretty' thing...i will if i have to.

shotgun isn't all it's cracked up to be...you'd see after spending time in back.

where else would you be if you didn't get shotgun?

funk night at the office was crummy...poor times (not bad but not perfect) had by all.

tomorrow - slammin jack. better make sure you outdo jeffrey!

no sissypants.

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