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Why does Sam Cooke have to be gone?


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We say it all the time but it's such a shame that we lose so many musicians so early. I've been listening to "It's been a long time coming" all night, and boy has it ever been a long time coming. [Cool] Now Warren Zevon be gone and we're left here alone, again. So I'm wondering who your most missed is? [Frown]

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Duane Allman

Frank Zappa

Miles Davis

Sandy Denny

Otis Redding

Steve Gaines, Alan Collins, Leon Wilkeson & Ronnie Van Zant

Allan Woody

Jerry Garcia

Randy California

Tim & Jeff Buckley

Mike Houser

Ian Curtis

John Glasscock

John Bonham

John Entwistle & Keith Moon

Alex Harvey

Kurt Cobain

Layne Staley

Jaco Pastorius

Kirsty Macoll

Gram Parsons

Clarence White

Gene Clark

etc. etc.


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Tony Williams (still so hard to believe he is gone)

Lowell George

Bob Hite, Al Wilson & Henry Vestine

Mick Ronson

Eddie Hazel

Jimmy Nolen

Fred "Sonic" Smith & Rob Tyner

Tracy Pew

Richard Manuel & Rick Danko

Paul Butterfield

Pops Staples

Mike Bloomfield

Muddy Waters

Duke Ellington

Count Basie


Sterling Morrison

Berry Oakley Jr. & Lamar Williams

Bill Black

Buddy Holly

Carl Perkins

Chris Wood (the one from Traffic, not the MMW one)

Michael Karoli

Brian Jones

Carl & Dennis Wilson

Paul Kossoff

Allah Rakha

Bill Hicks

Robert Calvert

Mary Hansen

Marvin Gaye

Stuart Adamson

Nicky Hopkins

Don "Sugarcane" Harris

Nick Drake

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