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George Clooney's Girlfriend Steals Garcia CD's


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GEORGE Clooney's new girlfriend Sarah Larson is "high-maintenance", according to her ex-lover, who has shed some light on the world's most envied woman.

George, who met waitress Sarah Larson last June when she served him drinks at the Ocean's Thirteen premiere in Las Vegas, has been warned she is a strong-willed, independent woman.

Tommy McKaughn, who dated Sarah for six years, said: "She's not star struck and I bet George really likes that about her. If he's ready for a high-maintenance challenge then I would say go for it."

McKaughn told E! Online Sarah, 29, was a free spirit, who enjoyed playing the bongos and performing exotic Indian dances.

McKaughn also warned George that Sarah holds grudges, and once confiscated his Jerry Garcia CDs after he forgot her birthday.

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