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Drive-By Truckers (Montreal Edition)


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If anybody is looking for an after-show, Share (live recordngs of which can be heard here) and The Two Minute Miracles are playing at Barfly (4062a Boul. St Laurent), so if the Truckers show finishes early enough (I seem to remember YMSB playing at the same venue at the end of July, and finishing about midnight), it might be possible to head to it afterwards.



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Add link to live Share recordings. Consistency counts.
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The Two Minute Miracles is my new favourite band.

He (Andy Magoffin) wrote one of my all-time favourite songs, "My Heart Is Strong Like a Forest Ranger" from their Volume II album.

And he's also responsible for producing and recording a lot of my favourite albums, from bands like Constantines, Royal City, Frontier Index, Jim Guthrie, Great Lake Swimmers.

That said, the Two Minute Miracles are very hit and miss in my experience seeing them live. But glad you like them Brad.

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Setlist from last night

Living Bubba

Ghost to Most

2 Daughters


3 Dimes



Uncle Frank


Self Destructive Zones

Company I Keep


Crystal Meth

Goode's Field Road

Women w/o Whiskey

Hell No I ain't Happy

The Opening Act

Devil Don't Stay>

Lookout Mtn


Zip City

18 Wheels

Shut up & Get on the Plane



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Reports? Photos? Setlist?

Stellar, balls-out jaw-dropping rock'n'roll.

Here's the set list, as near as I can figure it:

PA intro (I Need Something Heavy)

Self-Destructive Zones

Why Henry Drinks

Sink Hole

Uncle Frank

Puttin' People On The Moon

Checkout Time In Vegas

Two Daughters And A Beautful Wife

I'm Sorry Huston

3 Dimes Down

The Man I Shot)

Ghost To Most

The Opening Act

Gravity's Gone

Tails Facing Up

Lisa's Birthday)

The Living Bubba

Carl Perkins' Cadillac >

The Rightous Path

Let There Be Rock


Home Field Advantage

Marry Me

18 Wheels Of Love

Zip City

Lookout Mountain

I was the only taper (unless someone was stealthing up front). I asked for a board patch, and their sound engineer said they didn't like to give them out, as the mix often isn't very good.

Once I get a finalized set list, I'll jump on getting it processed and uploaded. I listened to a bunch of it on the way back to Ottawa this morning, and it sounds really good. Including the PA intro, the show was two hours and twenty minutes long (9:30pm until almost midnight).



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3 was probably either Why Henry Drinks or Daddy Needs A Drink.

11 That Man I Shot

19 The Righteous Path

Thanks, those help a lot. I think the drinking song is "Why Henry Drinks"; I've heard "Daddy Needs A Drink" a couple of times, and that's not what played last night.



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I'm so jealous you got Tails Facing Up! Though, at the Toronto show I was hollering out for "The Company I Keep" and got it so I guess I have no complaints.

It's so awesome the band finally made it to Montreal. As far as I know they've never played there before but have wanted to for a long time.

Can't wait to hear the recording brad.

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Awesome show. I'm converted now. I remember stumbling upon them at Bonnaroo a few years back and I loved it, but then forgot all about them after the festival. Too bad they had no merch, I'll have to give Compact some of my money now and start listening to them a lot more.

Jack and cola makes for a mean hangover though.

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