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Phil Lesh and Friends Summer dates


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Rochester on a Saturday night looks doable!

6.12 LC Pavilion Columbus, OH 5:00/5:30 4.1-4 4.5@10AM-ET

*6.13 Charter One Pavilion Chicago, IL 4:00/5:00 4.1-3 4.4@10AM-CT

#6.14 Bonnaroo Music Festival Manchester, TN noon/midnite N/A NOW

@6.15 Bonnaroo - Acoustic Set Manchester, TN 12:00/3:00 N/A NOW

6.17 Innsbrook Pavilion Glen Allen, VA 5:30/6:30 4.1-4 4.4@10AM-ET

6.19 Penn's Peak Jim Thorpe, PA 6:00/8:00 4.1-4 4.5@10AM-ET

*6.20 Penn's Landing Philadelphia, PA 4:30/5:30 4.1-4 4.5@10AM-ET

*6.21 Bank of America Pavilion Boston, MA 4:00/5:00 4.1-3 4.3@10AM-ET

*6.22 US Cellular Pavilion Gilford, NH 3:30/5:00 4.1-4 4.5@10AM-ET

7.3 The Pageant St. Louis, MO 6:00/7:00 4.1-3 4.4@5PM-CT

7.4 Milwaukee Summerfest Milwaukee, WI noon/8:00 N/A MORE INFO

7.5 Saturday in the Park Sioux City, IA TBA/8:45 N/A FREE SHOW!

^7.6 Rothbury Rothbury, MI TBA/6:45 N/A NOW

7.8 Charlottesville Pavilion Charlottesville, VA 6:00/7:00 4.1-7 4.11@10AM-ET

7.9 House of Blues Myrtle Beach, SC 7:00/8:00 4.1-4 4.5@10AM-ET

^7.11 All Good Music Festival Masontown, WV 3:00/10:00 N/A NOW

*7.12 Highland Bowl Rochester, NY 3:00/4:00 4.1-3 4.4@10AM-ET

*7.13 Nikon @ Jones Beach Wantagh, NY 4:00/5:00 4.1-10 4.19@10AM-ET

^7.26 10,000 Lakes Festival Detroit Lakes, MN TBA/8:00 N/A NOW

^8.2 Gathering of the Vibes Bridgeport, CT TBA/9:00 N/A NOW

* We're Thrilled That Our Phriends - The Levon Helm Band - Will Join Us For These Shows

# Full Two Set Electric Phil & Friends Show Starts At Midnight

@ Special Acoustic Performance by Larry Campbell, Jackie Greene, Phil Lesh & Teresa Williams

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i wish some of those shows were do-able for me. Alas, I will have to make to with some of the other fine shows that will be hitting Ottawa this summer.

The last time I saw Phil was at the House of Blues (or was it the Hard Rock Cafe?) during the first Vegoose. I was so exhausted that I had to leave during the second set. I saw the setlist and thought that I wouldn't be missing anything special. Unfortunately, there was no mention of a THIRD set. The show ended after 5 AM. The sun was rising as people left the venue. I was asleep by then. I didn't wake up until around 4PM. Gave me just enough time to play a bit of roulette before heading to the Panic Halloween show.

I can't believe that I actually walked out of a Phil show at club. But two previous late night shows (Trey, which was a waste of time, and SCI) and the time change were just too much for me. (Plus, the fact that I wasn't doing any lines like the folks which I was with were doing.)

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LOL ... could you imagine? That would be amazing! From the looks of the site that's from, it's probably a colourized copy of an old b&w postcard ... maybe?

I was trying to find a pic of the venue too and came up with nothing. There's nothing else on sale at TicketBastard for the venue either.

I called and left a message for my buddy in Rochester to see if he knows about it at all. Hopefully I'll hear from him today.

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Another person I know in Rochester posted this:

I can't believe that Phil is playing here (Rochester) at the Highland

Bowl. This place is tiny in a residential park right up the street a

five minute walk from my house.

I'm not sure what the other venues are like, but this show will be a

great opportunity to see Phil (and Levon Helms) about as up close and

personal as it gets.

Greg Newton

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Tix onsale at TicketBastard on Friday;


Big City Summerfest will be back but smaller

Jeff Spevak • Staff music critic • April 1, 2008

The Big City Summerfest will be back this year, although in less-ambitious form than last year's three-weekend event.

Phil Lesh and Friends, featuring the Grateful Dead bassist, and the Levon Helm Band, with the former drummer and vocalist of the Band, have a July 12 gig at the Highland Bowl. It is being billed as a part of the second season of Big City Summerfest.

Tickets ($42 advance, $47 the day of the show) go on sale at 10 a.m. Friday at Ticketmaster, (585) 232-1900 or www.ticketmaster.com.

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And to make it even better, head down a day early and catch this:

The first show planned this summer for the grounds of High Falls Brewery, 445 St. Paul St., has been announced: Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi's "Soul Stew Revival" is 5:30 p.m. July 11. The show is a wild bag of Etta James, Junior Wells, King Curtis, the Rolling Stones, Blind Willie Johnson and the like. Scrapomatic also plays. Tickets ($30 advance, $35 the day of the show) are at Aaron's Alley and Ticketmaster, (585) 232-1900 or www.ticketmaster.com.

Cool venue. I caught the SCI Big Summer Classic show there a couple of years back. I'll post a few pics tonight if i can.

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