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The Spades at Massey Hall !!

Red dog

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Just wanted to drop a quick note here to share our excitment with a few people we have met due to this site, we will be playing Massey Hall as part of our cross Canada tour with Matthew Good on May 29th. This is really one of those instances where you can see something come together that you always dreamed. I have never been in Massey hall, I used to joke that I wouldn't go there until I was playing it! (still sad I missed Neil though).


The Spades

Ooops, I just saw that Ryan2 added a posta about this, though his is more the overall tour so check that out for the other dates.

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What's the venue in Ottawa?

According to


the Matthew Good/Spades tour isn't touching down in Ottawa (or rather, an Ottawa date hasn't been announced yet). They're in Montreal at Club Soda on Friday, May 30, and in Kingston at the Ale House on Saturday, May 31. (And, of course, the Spades + Dan Griffin are at Dekcuf on Saturday, April 12; nifty calendar link.)



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No word on Ottawa at all, new dates are still being added though. I guess if it was to happen it would have to be between Fredricton and Peterborough. Just got word on North bay and Nanaimo. I love that we are playing Nanaimo. I thought about telling everyone in the band I couldn't do the tour as it was April fools, but then thought again.

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