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Any musicians wanna start a bluegrass/newgrass band in Toronto?


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A friend of mine plays guitar and mandolin. He also has a bassist.

Beyond that, he needs musicians who want to start a bluegrass(-ish) band in Toronto. Not traditional bluegrass, though, so he'd like a drummer. He'd also love an accordion player and a fiddle.

Anyone interested? If so, PT me an email address and I'll have him contact you.

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Schwa, all you need to do is change your living room.

Transformers Megan Fox has revealed why she isn't always out on the town in Hollywood.

The actress racked up two public appearances this weekend - at Spike TV's 2008 "Guys Choice" Awards on Friday then at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday night - but told FHM magazine recently that she'd much rather be at home.

She explained: "I have the libido of a teenage boy. I'd rather have sex all the time than leave the house."


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