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First Ever "Convince us to Move" Contest


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Here's the thing:

Hal hates his job, I just lost mine. We are ready for a change and our son is young enough that he won't freak out too badly if we change our scene drastically. Sooooo, "CONVINCE US TO MOVE"!! If you can convince us to relocate to your area, you get unlimited access to Hal's goofy wit and my dry, sarcastic low-blows on a regular basis. There's plenty more perks where that came from too!

Let the contest begin!

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Maybe you two should become Ottawanks.

*edit* I also defy you to find a city with a stronger economy than KW right now. (not in Alberta) Not that i'm trying to get you to stay, god knows we've had enough of your shit.

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Depending on your jobs, Ottawa is a nice place to live. Lots of green spaces and we dance at our shows. but most find it boring...boring people boring everything. I dont.

Montreal is where I would move to if I could chose. I love the people, culture, city, surfing, boarding.....

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Convince us to move?

Why not convince you to get the hell outside and make the most of where you live?

You're a drive away from Georgian bay, Lake Huron, The Niagara Escarpment, GREAT LIVE MUSIC, Friends, the good 'ol USA...Loads of travel possibilities, Montreal and Quebec City, loads of high paying jobs, loads of low paying jobs if you want more time off...Move? That's a significant investment with possibly little return if you're just frustrated.

Ottawa and Collingwood are close but still...finding a place, packing, moving, frustration, expenses, damages...

What's wrong with where you live?

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