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ForSale-Ashley MacIsaac


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Hi -I am selling 50 percent of future rights to income from all aspects of entertainment I work in.

It includes all profits from albums concerts publishing movies dvds and any entertainment related incomes.

The winner will receive all money earned by me up until the price of the winning bid has been paid back-and will continue to receive 50 percent of all profits after the "advance"has been paid back to the winner.This will continue until I have died,at which time all rights and profits will go back into the Ashley Mac Isaac estate.

I am 33,have ten professional records.I am releasing a new cd within a year- as well as a retrospective this year,and a new dvd.I perform numerous shows per annum ,with typical salary of between 5 and15 thousand cdn dollars per show.

I own many writing credits and have royalties on all albums I own or have recorded for companies.

This is a great deal for somebody-with a starting bid of 1.5million-at that rate- I suspect profit to begin for the bidder around 3 to 4year mark if not sooner.However- the right to claim you own Ashley Mac Isaac is even bigger!You will become famous.

I will retain management,lawyers and have all control over business decisions.All legal fees concerning this agreement must be paid by the winning bidder.Ebay holds no responsibility as per this agreement other then the sale,and any ebay fees as well will be paid for by the winning bidder but will be recoupable from the terms of the agreement. Full payment must be within 30 days of sale close and ten percent must be paid directly to my lawyer within 5 days of winning bid.


I will provide one concert performance every year- for ten years- in the city or town of your choice.where of course you will be the guest of honor- unless you would like to remain an anonymous bidder.

Good luck !


Current bid: C $1,500,000.00

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he was supposed to play at the atlin music festival here near whitehorse this summer and a lot of people were pretty psyched about it....but then he recently bailed and cancelled his performance....not a good way to make money in my mind. it upset quite a few people, i wasn't one of them!

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1.5 million is probably a good deal if Ashley could keep himself off the drugs.

Quite the opposite probably. Fiddle players are a dime a doz. in Cape Breton, a fiddle player on crack, now that's something to see.

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