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Seun Kuti and Egypt 80


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I'd guess 9:30. That's when Lee Perry went on last Monday, which was dope.

get there early to claim your space though. The place gets packed.

On Monday night for the Lee Perry gig, if you got there at 8pm you could've still snagged a great spot.

Kenny I saw you but from a distance! I was there with Dave McKenna and co. Great show.

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This was the best show I have seen in ages! Maybe because I wasn't going in with sky high expectations or something, but I was just blown away. It was a 15-person band, with many of the members looking old enough to have been in Fela's band for sure. And I have never seen a man dance like Seun Kuti -- that man has got moves!

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I think Seun is channeling Fela. So maybe it's not as original as in new, but it's the genuine article...

-- edit --

Not that I'm saying Femi isn't something special also, but I agree that he is likely the one taking it new places.

Just some late night ramblings...

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