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Rush - July 9th

Kanada Kev

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the thing i've always noticed about Peart is that he doesn't really "keep the beat." he plays every single possible beat in and around the beat making him pretty original and lightning fast.

My favourite beat keeping drummer is Copeland.

Have fun though KK! I'd be there if i lived closer.

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The other day Kim Mitchell was talking about Rush's techdudes. He said that Alex and Geddy's are super nice guys, but that Peart's is one of the crankiest/grumpiest/mumbling crabapple around who never smiles. I guess dealing with that kit is a bit much, like you said :)

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Strangely i wasn't a massive Rush fan when I was younger. I had a bunch of friends who were totally into them. I was running along fine with the Stones, Beatles, Zep, Genesis, etc. Every year it seemed Rush would play at least one gig in Toronto (usually at MLG) and I never went. I finally got around to it when they did the R30 tour and haven't looked back. Kickass musicians, killer live shows. That 2112 show a couple of years ago was a real treat :)

Here's a recent setlist from Puerto Rico: SETLIST

Setlist: Limelight Digital Man Ghost Of A Chance Mission Freewill The Main Monkey Business The Larger Bowl Red Barchetta The Trees Between The Wheels Dreamline Far Cry Workin' Them Angels Armor and Sword Spindrift The Way The Wind Blows Subdivisions Natural Science Witch Hunt Malignant Narcissism (Drum Solo) Hope The Spirit Of Radio 2112 (Overture/Temples of Syrinx) Tom Sawyer Encore: One Little Victory A Passage To Bangkok YYZ

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