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Now what the fuÇk am I gonna do?


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The good football -> NFL Preseason Aug 9 - NFL Regular Season Sep. 10 featuring Steelers vs Titans. (yeah that's pretty dope).

I may be willing to bitterly fight and attack people that think the CFL isn't garbage to kill time until the NFL season starts.

So who's your CrapFootballLeague team Ollie? (just so I know who's not going to win)

PS Forgot to thank you for the rooting for the Wings, thanks. I'll assume you're big Dwight Howard fan as well, thanks again.

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That's almost 2 months... bullshit... what about Euro soccer... they just finished as well but they barely break... what's gwanin'?

there's a European under-21 tournament in progress as well as the Confederations Cup (8 teams including Spain, Brazil, USA, Iraq, Italy, S. Africa, N. Zealand....bascially the winners of major tournaments competing + the hosts).

The under-21 tournament seems to be on the Score, I think there're games tomorrow.

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And the endzone is dynamite in the way it doesn't let defences tighten up and go into redzone shutdown and force brilliant tiptoe plays from receivers.

The main reason I have a hard time with the CFL is the lack of effective blitz plays... they jsut capitalize by going... wide. :/

Edit; I enjoy baseball, but it just doesn't satisfy my need for athletic action often enough unless I'm watching highlights.

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That's it? No b-b-b-b-but three downs make for more exciting football? No b-b-b-b-but the yard apart at scrimage makes for bigger runs?

For shame Ollie! (still actually curious who your team is though)

Hey, if you don't like the CFL by now I'm not going to convince you. Just saying there are alternatives out there if you're jonesing for live sports.

My team will hopefully be back in the league in a couple of years.

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