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The Official F-You Ottawa Thread.

Tissue Man

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Fuck you ottawa, you bandwagon jumping, fariweather lame-ass, getting outcheered in your own barn shitty fans.

For the first time since Atlanta I am finally playing with some top line material. I carried your pathetic excuse of a team to the cup finals but i can only do so much so I took that moron Melnyks money and ran. I laughed so hard the day I signed that contract knowing I was going to be out of shitottawa in a year. I needed to up my profile for the Olympic team so I went to a real hockey town to play with some real talent.

THE HEAT IS ON BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dany Heatley SJ 25gp 18g 10a 28pts

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Alexandre The Great quoted when he was drafted in 1993, “I am glad I got drafted first, because no one remembers number two!â€

"I don't know why Alfie still wants to stay there. Sweden is fucking awesome."

The number two pick in the 1993 draft…..Chris Pronger.



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