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Shocking News - people get sick mostly around weekends


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I'd love to see an audit of gov't employee's overall sick patterns.

City employees not only took an average of 10.6 sick days in 2007 — costing taxpayers almost $28 million — but most of them appear to have taken them so they coincided with the start and end of the week.


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I hear a lot of complaints on open lines and in the news about sick day usage in the government, but we get 9.someodd hours of sick leave per month.

Couldn't one gather that this implies that we can take 9.someodd hours off a month sick. So the fact that the city used only 10 days on average per year on sick leave....thats under the alotted sick leave given.

I don't come close to using 9.someodd sick leave hours a month and I understand that its meant for times when you are really sick....but it seems as though its the nature of the Union beast beit for good or for bad.

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late in to work & early to leave

makes vacation days a real breeze

coz that way you don't have to break the habit

of waking up to an alarm clock & going batshit

punctuality of course is the robber of time

but you don't really care when you're sipping wine

going to parties and leaving so soon

coz sometimes it's hard to change your tune

when your playroom beckons it's hard to resist

(I'll take a vodka, just with a twist)

counting your points and watching your weight

can take precious time out of your busy day

[color:#cccccc](apologies, Mike, just couldn't resist)

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